Are you a good girlfriend to your girlfriends?

Are You A Good Girlfriend to your Girlfriends?


I have been bombarded with situations of women complaining about women. How we are competitive, how we are catty to one another. Please let me be blatantly honest. It infuriates me. I am a woman, when I hear how we can’t be trusted. “How we are petty”, I personalize it. I know all women aren’t trying to destroy other women’s lives.

Women’s publication headlines, ” How to Detox a Friendship”. The plot to every reality show is women cat fighting or betraying each other. Ladies please stop a moment. Is anyone seeing what I am seeing?

Very recently a casual Facebook friend commented, “I must know, why are women so intimidated by one another? It makes no sense and it’s pointless.” Girls you know that started a firestorm of comments. To my dismay, most of the comments were in agreement. Have I been betrayed by a woman? Yes, but I would never sit here and detail every negative encounter I have had with a woman. That would be POINTLESS.

I run this blog. My grammar and sentence structure is atrocious. I had a young lady from twitter DM me to say, “You have a lot of grammar errors on your blog.” I didn’t take it personal. I didn’t think she was being catty or petty. I laughed and I said, yes I know. LOL, I am embarrassed. My grammar is atrocious. Do you know this lady renewed her subscription to and emailed me her password and username. Prior to this encounter, I had never had a conversation with this women.

When my daughter was much younger she went to school with a girl who eventually became her good friend. When I first me her mom, I remember her having a Disney Tigger cell phone case. I told her, awe that’s cute. Do you know she went out and brought me one? I really didn’t know this lady well at the time. The Disney Tigger case didn’t even fit my phone. She just wanted to do something nice for someone. She was being a good girlfriend.

My previous life I worked in corporate America. There are a variety of personality types in every office. There is always one girl, who’s so supportive. Who will drop what she’s doing to help her teammates. The girl who buys the greeting card and have the entire office sign it on specific occasions. I CAN go on about the great habits of women.

Yes, of course I have had bad experiences with women, it’s the nature of relationships. They break down. What is most alarming is this trend to severe relationships because they are difficult. If a women hurts your feelings, ladies please wait a day. Meet them for coffee. Say to that person, “you know your hurt me.” Don’t be defensive and aggressive, behave like a women, be loving, nurturing and understanding. Here is the craziest part, if we had a break down with our man. Oh.. we would try to talk it out. LOL!! Funniest thing is that it is a better chance that a women would get you and understand you in that moment than a man would. But we would put more time and effort in making this guy understand or get us than our girlfriend. Yes, there is something very wrong with that idea!

In a  UCLA study, it was discovered men and women have different reactions to stress. A man reaction is called fight or flight. A woman’s reactions are called, ” Tend and Befriend”. This revelation was discovered  after two female scientist noticed, when a woman who worked there was under pressure, she would come into the lab, made coffee and bonded  with other women. A man experiencing stress would disappear into his offices and did not speak to anyone. The fact that women turned to their friends in moments of high tension is partly due to the effect of estrogen and may explain why women live longer than mem. Friendships produce physiological reactions in the body, lowering blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol, the hormone most routinely mocked in women, you know that time of the month hormone?

In closing, I encourage other women to be the change they are seeking.

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94 Replies to Are You A Good Girlfriend to your Girlfriends?

  1. Ashley says:

    It’s so true a lot of times woman are precieved this way. That’s really nice of that lady to send you that info. I know the spell check on google chrome is broken right now and I’m like the worlds worst when it comes to spelling!

    • My problem is I am always racing through life. Yes, she has since become a friend. She is just a nice lady. I envision you as being the one in the office who’s a team player. I just believe we should focus on the good in women. Make friendship an importance. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ashley.

    • i have study human nature all my life. i am extremely intuitive. I worked in a few difference offices, like everything else i notice the patterns. I was a good student because i would observe and learn patterns. There are personality types.

  2. Yamari Lesca (@yourgotogal) says:

    Oh Toni– I get you I do. And on the same token I understand why women feel the way they do about other women. I wish women were more supportive of one another. I really do. Like if a woman were to cheat, I wish we could high five her just like men do with each other, but instead we are the first ones to turn on her and call her a derogative term. That’s just an example. Not the best one, but you get my drift. Great topic.

    • Girl.. Cheat?? Yamari you just made me laugh. I just choose not to focus on the negative. You and I have a great relationship. You have been a great friend that I met via social media. Yamari you are not an exception. There are plenty of women like yourself. It is just easier to focus on the negative. I love my girlfriends, they get me through hard times emotional times. Just really look for the good in women. Try to, then see how you feel.

  3. LifeAndBows says:

    I think it really depends on the person. I have girlfriends who are amazing friends and others are the ones you describe in your post. I personaly try my best to be a good friend and a good person. Treat others like you would want to be treated thats my motto in life.

  4. Chamallie Forrest says:

    I love this. You are so on point and I feel a bit better about my awful grammar on my blog as

    • We should totally be friends! LOL! I graduated from college over 15 years ago. I worked in banking which never required much writing. I listen to audio book. LOL my grammar is horrible. I was a great English student so I do understand the importance of good grammar. Which is why I didn’t take it personal. I kind of chuckled because I knew she really wanted to help me. She even offered to proofread my work before I published my post. The point is, it was a lady who I knew vaguely from twitter. She was being a good girlfriend before we even became friends. The idea just warms my heart. I had great girlfriends growing up. i miss the closeness with other women. We grow up, live our lives. Raise our families. But it is so important to maintain those female/female relationships!

      • Chamallie Forrest says:

        We should….let’s do As a person who has been burned bad by a female relationship, I’m still not soured or scarred. I think the female/female relationship is all subjective. It’s something that you should not judge as a whole. I have to admit that I’m “a spelling Nazi” accorrding to my husband but I suck at everything But I do agree with you 100%…it’s sooo important to have those types of relationsips…it’s healthy.

  5. Ada Torres says:

    I love this especially because i have recently had a falling out with some ladies i considered friends. I honestly feel like people just dont know the meaning of being a true FRIEND. Friends shouldnt talk about each other, spread rumors, or get jealous or behave in catty ways when surrounded by other woman. I feel like women should support each other and be able to talk like adults but in this day in age i feel like people in general are just trying to be in some kind of competition with each other, which is just ridiculous.

    • I am sorry you have had a falling out. Ada there are good girlfriend out there. I encourage you to focus on the friends who are secure and know the importance of friendship. I hope I will read many comments from women who value their friendship.

      • Ada Torres says:

        Thats what im working on now ;) I know i am a good friend and hopefully one day ill meet woman who value that until then i have me and my baby boy to worry about<3

  6. Haley says:

    The importance is to always have comfort and support. They have influenced my life by always being their for me. My YouTube username is haleyglamour.

  7. a good girlfriend has your back and is always there for you and you are there for her and have her back

  8. serena says:

    always being there and showing support and care in there times of need. even if there not suffering you can stand by them and make sure they don’t get hurt

  9. serena says:

    i had recently been diagnosed with depression 2 years ago. my best frein in high school, had no idea. i was scared to tell her, i though that she would judge me and treat me differently and she wouldn’t want ti be my friend. it got to the point were i was cutting myself and no one had any idea how much their words hurt. so one night i slept over at my best friends house on her birthday. when we went to go eat. me and her washed are hands, i rolled up my sleeve just a bit so no one would see. she noticed one scar and grabbed my wrist and rolled up my sleeves. she saw every single scar and she kissed every single one. ever since she has been standing up for me and supporting me. i think being the best girlfriend to your girlfriend is always supporting her no matter what. me and her are still bestfreinds although she is married. we still love each other, she practically saved my life.

    • You are making me cry Serena. I hope since that time you have been able to manage your depression. It sounds like from your story it is a moment you will never forget. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story.

  10. serena says:


  11. Andrea Urueta says:

    A good girlfriend is an unconditional secret teller and comfort

    Youtube name Andrea Urueta

  12. Tiana Frese says:

    It’s important to be a good friend because you wanna be there through her good times and bad. No matter how many fights and disagreements you have you guys always find your way back to eachother. A good friend is standing up for her and always having her back no matter what :) youtube : tiana frese

  13. Eunbee sang says:

    It is super important to have or being a good girlfriend to your girlfriend..I have girlfriend always inspire me with all the positive personality,academically etc..also she’s always stand next to me give me all the positive influence..she makes me laugh, smile, be positive person, and believe myself..I think it is really important to have girlfriend like this lol YOUTUBE USERNAME:sbeebee34

  14. denise lemmen says:

    a good friend is someone you can relax with and trust. You can truly be yourself with her. My friend has influenced my life by pushing me to do my best. yt de1978l

  15. DALY PACHECO says:

    im a GOOD friend ! For me is really importan to have friend , to support them to be there for them when they most need you , nomatter how much we fight or for how long with dont talk what matter is that im always there .. im really friendly nd i like making my friends feel comfortable , i show them respect nd show them that can trust me with anything , i worry bout my friends , im always asking them if they need something .. i like keeping my friends happy :) YT ; hondaGiRLbxtchez

  16. shaniqueka says:

    Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say.If all my friends were to jump off a bridge I wouldn’t jump with them I’d be at the bottom to catch them.

    When times get rough you’ll find out who your real friends are.

    It’s always good to make friends but while your at it be sure to keep the old ones… their the ones who will always be there for you.

    Boyfriends are not always going to be there for you… your friends will be.It’s the friends you can call at 4 a.m. that matter.How do you know you’ve found your best friend? When you are ready to talk to them about anything, even though they know everything about you already.The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch with, never say a word, and walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you have ever had.

    my youtube name is: makeupgirl588

  17. Im a good friend lol it is very important to be a good friend because we as women are always going to need to talk to someone, not just anybody though. It needs to be someone you trust and it cant always be a family member bcus maybe we dont have that great relationship, or we have a family that likes to run off and tell everyone whats going on. I need a friend I can relate to, so we can hangout and have fun. A best friend that can bring out the good and you. That goes both ways too.

    yotuube name : TeardropDoll

  18. aim a good girlfriend cuz last week my friend got drunk when we were out and instead of getting mad i was by her side the whole time and even got her throw up on me but i didnt care as long as i got her home safe <3

  19. Brittany Stephenson says:

    Youtube Name : Brittany Stephenson, Channel Name: xXGlamorKillsXx

    To be completely honest, I think Im a really good friend and a good person as well. I think we all know being a female is hard. Especially growing up and just experiencing life. I’m almost an adult and I’m still learning. Iv’e always been a good friend but I can honestly say over the years Iv’e become more of a good friend. I feel like my journey has been hard dealing with some of the situations I’ve been through, such as having bullies as friends who even tormented me and made me want to commit suicide in 8th grade to years later forgiving them even though I said I wouldn’t. I don’t know if you’ve known someone or even yourself that has thought about taking your own life, but it’s a hard thing that you don’t forget and often it’s hard to forgive anyone who once made you feel that way. Iv’e also gone through things where I’ve had a whole group of best friends turn on me all at once and just feeling really alone. It took time but eventually we all reconciled and worked things out. I apologized if I made them feel hurt in anyway, and they did the same. Recently, one of my friends got hit by a car and at the time we hadn’t spoken in months. The minute one of my friends called and told me it, my heart went out to her. I made it known to everyone that I wanted to talk to her while she was in the hospital. Days later, she reached out to me and we stayed on the phone for about an hour an I let her know that even though we weren’t speaking and on good terms from the last time, that I was sorry and that she was still one of my best friends and that I still love her because we’ve gone through so much just to let it go. She also apologized and we worked everything out. Here today, going through all of these experiences has definitely made me a stronger, smarter, bigger, and more forgiving person. I AM definitely there for my friends when they need me and even when they hurt me. I always try and help them when they need help, always there to answer there calls to talk and I’ll continue to be there. I can say that I have a stubborn group of friends, but at the end of the day, I know they appreciate me and I appreciate them.

    • Your comment sincerely made my day. You get it, you really get it. I am proud of you for always being the bigger person. I really wish I knew were more girls like you. I like how you said, I forgave them even though I said I never would. When you hold on to a grudge you are allowing those people to live in your head rent free. Evict them and move on. Thank you for sharing and participating Brittany!

  20. Veronica Richards says:

    I am a good friend because I am honest to my friends. I tell have respect for all of my friends. I support them through everything and anything. I am always willing to help them and friendship is really important to have. It is to know that at least someone has your back and is always going to be there through thick and thin. Friendship to me is having someones back and having someone to go to that will help you with your problems. You stick up for your friends and always be by their side. That is what friendship is to me. Friendship just makes everyone happy and makes someone feel special because they have someone there for them when they need them the most. Thanks for the giveaway girls!! Happy Holidays!! :D
    Youtube Name Onica334

  21. deonka king says:

    i am a good girlfriend because im loyal,honest && supportive….

  22. Adrianna Doxey says:

    being there no natter what and being honest when they dont want to hear the truth

    yt name is pecanpie83

  23. Carine Kon says:

    i believe i am a good girlfriend. remember last year when she broke up with her bf, she called me and cry in the phone then i straight away walk to her house to accompany her (around 5km). that time i am still a student, i beg my mom to sponsor me to go for a vacation with her. then she end up to feel a little bit better and that make me feel better too (maybe that’s what best friend are, we don’t feel good if our partner feel bad). but she is a good girlfriend too, she teach me to be a good person, force me to go to church, ‘scold’ me for not study, stop me from eating junk foods.
    Good girlfriend is not about can go through only happiness but to solve problems together too.

  24. Maria Donan says:

    I believe I’m a good friend, a good person in general. When I was younger, I was this shy, polite and poised infant who either made friends eaily or none at all because I was strange. But that was 10 years ago. I’m 18 years old now and found the greatest friends in my teengage years. And they say teenage years are the ‘hardest years of your life’. And boy, we struggled. These last few years my one best friend in particular and I were going through issues of our own. This one night I desperately needed her. I needed her advice, her words, her voice. We didn’t talk on the phone, I needed to escape, escape from this toxic place. We met up at by the lake and cried, talked, cried and hoped the next day would be a better day. It eventually did. But everything can’t retain their perfection. Being a teenage is hard for different reasons and just reminding you what a teenager is like:

    Drugs, drinking, money, music, screaming, fighting, lying, crying, hating, loving, forgetting, forgiving, living, breathing, beaming. We’re proud and crooked and fearless and alive, we’ve got a lot of loose teeth for memories that we’re constantly pulling at just to remember they can still bleed, and everything is always a helpless secret away from smacking together right in front of our young and proud faces. Because we’re crowded and overshadowed, we’re punch drunk and left-turned when a pink knuckled sunrise has us hoping all the planets just aligned, has us thinking we can cast our shadow puppets where the past forgot where it belonged, has us sunstruck and beaming, carelessly burning through moments and crushing the night’s bones between our palms saying “fuck it, just fuck it, let us be.”
    My point here is that we got through alot (not necessarily everything I stated above) and we’re still the greatest friends. I’m a good friend because I’m loyal, I’m trustworthy, I’m supportive, I bring the good out of her, out of everyone I know. And I’m bringing this one to my journey to adulthood. And we will be free, wild and reckless. And we wil go far.
    My Youtube username is: clavicolas.

  25. I would say that a Good Girlfriend is just as important as a good S.O. (significant other) because they are your support system. Your go to when there is no one you feel you can talk to. They’re there for every step in life (hopefully) Wether its bad or good they share your joy, your accomplishments, your tears, your pain. I personally don’t know what I would do without my girls well girl lol. She’s been so important in helping encourage me to do better for myself. She’s been there since the day I met her and thats a good friend someone who no matter what is there when you need them…

    I would consider myself a good friend no matter how many times people are jerkos to me because thats just me. I want to treat people they way I want to be treated. I try to be there for all my girls especially my main one. I try to help in any way I can from watching their kids so they can get a date night with there S.O. or just some mom time or Doing there makeup for a special day. Having mini spa days for my girls. Just going out grabbing chino food and listening to each others troubles we’re there for each other and thats such a great gift to have (good friends)

  26. Renee navywifehealthy4ttc says:

    I think being a good friend means accepting someone for who they are not what they have. i believe that u must always be honest and never keep secrets. not dating their ex’s and having some sort of girl or girl guy code if your besty is a guy. i make sure that for me with my friends i help them when they are down and need it even if they dont ask i always make sure that i am there for them no matter how long or little i have known them for. i have a best friend who we have been thru so much in the 14 years we have been friends and ill always be there for her no matter how mad she makes me sometimes lol and then i have another besty who ive known less than a year and i feel just as much love for her as i do my other besty. ive learned that sometimes its not how long u have known someone its how u deal with your ups and downs. i will always be loyal to my friends and family i believe that is a must as well. i am a navy wife so i know how to be loyal by being without someone then just picking back up where we left off if that makes sense :)

  27. Baybeelin says:

    it is important to be a good friend because boyfriends can come and go but your friends are with you for life. Friends are there to give you advice, share memories with you and be painfully honest to you. If you are a bad friend, you wont have anyone to confide in. Life is less lonely when you have friends in your life.

    yt: BaybeeLin

  28. Selina says:

    Being a good girlfriend is important. You must be a good listener. If your friend has a problem or needs a sounding board its important that you are available to give your time. You must be someone she can trust. If you can not trust each other, then a friendship doesn’t really exist. You must be supportive of your friend. If your friend has made achievements or made a decision that has impacted her life, you need to offer her praise. You must respect your friend. If your friend does things that are not familiar to your lifestyle or perspective, its important that you respect her. You must be accepting of who she is as a person. It is important to remember that we are all not perfect human beings, we all have flaws. You must accept that you may or may not agree with her 100% of the time. You must be able to forgive her. We all have disagreements and if approached in an adult manner, an agreement can be reached to suit both parties. Basically, talk it out. You must be able to do the give and take with her. It should be equal. If you are doing all the things I’ve mentioned she should also be doing the same for you. As I’ve grown older, I began to realize that the friendships I do have, I have always look for these key things in the relationship. I cherish the girlfriends I do have because I’ve grown up with them. I continue to grow.

    I’m selinancolorado on youtube. Awesome giveaway, thank you!

  29. Priscilla Wu says:

    Its important to be a good girlfriend to your other girlfriends because you never know what kind of hardships that might hit you, I’ve myself had experienced this kind of pain while with close friends or with family, they are there for you they are genuinely there for you they aren’t there for benifits but for you
    YT: Priskittles W

  30. isela.C says:

    I do consider myself a greatt girlfriend, but to be able yourself able to be yourself around them no guards up and having honesty in the relationship helps and being able to tell that person everything, by doing so shows that you can trust them with things like that. and being able to express your feeling toward that person.

  31. isela.C says:

    I consider myself a good girlfriend. the things you should do is be able to say your opinion and trusting that decision. also being able to tell that person everything with no guard up. because doing so shows that you trust that person and they will feel special.


  32. I’m a great girlfriend to my girlfriends because I love each of them for who they are they’re never judgemental when I need someone to talk to about my personal problems and we listen to each other they’re my sisterhood of pure loyalty and honesty I love them with all my heart <3

  33. patty martinez says:

    Yt: 323pinkprincess323
    In my opinion being a good friend is saying things as they are not being a two face. To be honest and have values.To treat others with respect and integrity.

    I consider myself a good friend because i will always be there to listen and help in any way i can! Being a a mom of two babies is hard and sometimes i can’t be there 100% but i try my best to text or call once in a while so we can keep in touch. I never put my friends down i always want them to be confident and strong. I have been back stabbed lied and hurt before but thanks to.good.friends i have overcame hard times. Its always nice having someone to talk to and laugh… cry or just to catch
    up and say hi! Its true… true friends are like starts u cant always see them but they are always there!!!

    I believe that friends are like family!! So we have to be value the. Share special memories and continue sharing a lifetime with them.

    • I think you are an awesome friend! I like how you use the word “integrity” THAT is a buzz word on this site. I appreciate that you mention that you make an effort to reach out to your friends even though you have family responsibilities.

  34. Anabelle Mareiro says:

    i think being a good girlfriend means loyalty, honesty, and trust between each other. sticking together through thick and thin!!!

  35. Sorina Bilea says:

    Having a good friend is vital to every girl! These days it’s so difficult to find a friend who you can trust because so many people backstab one another and so on. However, I have 3 friends who I know I can trust 100%. We have been through so much together and when I was down they brought me up and vise versa. It’s very important to be an honest, respectful, and promise keeping person not only in relationships but in general. I think I’ve always been a good friend, I keep my promises and always do the best I can to help my friends out the best I can! I love my friends and in this world where there are so many people we can’t trust, I’m glad I have my girl friends. =)

    -youtube : Sdreea3

  36. Samantha Bifulco says:

    A girls bestfriend is honesty, whats better than to have someone you can keep it real with, a true blue type of gal ; loyal. I can be blunt but atleast I remain true. Women can be intimidated by other women because of insecurities, ” grass is always greener on the other side” bestfriends are there to remind you, that your grass is the truest. Boost you

  37. Annel Campa says:

    A good girlfriend is someone who doesn’t judge you and accepts you for who you are. They are honest and will stick by you regardless of what friends they loose. There was a time when I lost some friends due to some girls not wanting them to be friends with me. My real friends stuck by me no letter what they were there when my kids were born helped me realize I didn’t need no ones approval to just be me. YouTube user name Annel Campa

  38. ForeverHeather27 says:

    I try to be there for my friends as much as I possibly can! I like to treat others as I would want to be treated. I think being a good girlfriend is being honest and trustworthy and having respect for their feelings.
    YouTube: ForeverHeather27

  39. Diana says:

    youtube: daniedv1
    I think a girlfriend means the same as a sister, support, be loyal, be confident, believe in the word of the other and always be together no matter what. It is one of the best things a person can ask for in life, to feel loved by a friend.

  40. Jasmine says:

    I am a good girlfriend to friends in so many ways. I encourage them to do their best at work and school, and follow their passions. I think being a good girlfriend means being honest, loyal, and fun. You have to be the type of person that your friends want to hang around, not a negative and//or jealous person.


  41. kareema says:

    When trying to be a good girlfriend to your girlfriend you should support them, help them when their in darkness, and dnt agree with.them on everything have your own opinions at times.
    Youtube: KareemaW13

  42. victoria sysol says:

    I am a good girlfriend to my friends because I am always there for them and always an ear . I work with my friends we are all work in a high stress atmosphere. We are all Nursing students in the ICU at a community hospital. So we are always so stressed. At the end of the week sometimes we just got to go shopping or get a drink and listen to all the madness of each others lives and families and laugh about it .
    YT : MissVictoriasys
    Fb Victoria sysol

  43. Heav Marie says:

    I think i am most of the time, but sometimes i can get out of line

  44. I try to be the best girlfriend to my girl’s, I would do anything for them if needed. I never judge them cuz none of us are perfect. I believe to be a good friend is to treat them the way you want to be treated. I totally love this page, cuz it is hard to find a true GF who will have your back always:)

    My Youtube channel is:

  45. torifurlotte says:

    i think most of the time, i always try to be supportive for them and i hope for it in return!! – xoxomgitsme- *youtube name*

  46. The importance of being a good friend is simple. You want to be able to trust someone to the extent that you believe they trust you. I have to say the importance of being a good friend too is that you must accept them as they are. You CANNOT change them and you shouldn’t try to. No one wants to be judged especially by some one they call friend. If you can be a friend without judging, you are truly a good friend and that is the important part.

    • Beautyismaximus thank you for this message. I considered myself an amazing good friend. But my flaw is I do judge my friends. Inside I want them to be the best they can be. I will criticize them, but it comes from a good space. I appreciate this comment because I know it is important not to feel judged. To feel safe and I have room for improvement in that area!

  47. Bonnie Erika says:

    I think I’m a pretty good friend, though sometimes we have our moments and we can get mad at each other and say things. I think being a good girlfriend means being loyal, supportive, positive, open-minded, encouraging and always be there for them. My Youtube username is xStarrStruckk :)

  48. Mary Huerta says:

    I’m a really goodgirlfriend to my friends. I ‘m good listener, supportive, loyal, honest, dependable, kindness, generous, sincere, caring, respectful and trusty. I give them their space, accepts them as they are, call them to say “hi”, forgives their mistakes, never judges, keeps them closer to your heart, raises their spirit, try to understand them, tell them the truth when they need it to hear, make a difference in their life, values them, am there through good and bad times, quiets their fears, values them, offers them support, gives myself inconditionally, and gives comfort when they need it.

    My youtube channel is Mary Huerta

  49. YanYi says:

    1. importance of being a GOOD girlfriend to your girlfriends

    Well first off, I think good gf’s are extremely hard to come by, and if you happen to have found an amazing, genuine and kind hearted gf, why would you not be the best girlfriend you can possibly be to keep them in your life!
    Being a great friend isnt just being the girl that parties with you at the clubs, or goes shopping because its a common hobby, thats just being great company. Being a true friend really means to feel for whatever emotions, life situations, pain, happiness, excitement , etc. your friend is feeling and understanding her and supporting her in all aspects of her life. Being a real gf is about being empathetic and self less , and giving more than what you are receiving. Its kinda like a relationship.

    It’s extremely important to be a good gf because you can really change someone’s life. Being that rock in the middle of the storm, helping your gf cope through the bad times in her life and supporting and celebrating her victories is what good gf is all about. I must agree that there is a lot of girl on girl hate in this world, and we fail to see that we are one of the same, all created equally and beautifully no matter what out skin color, racial ethnicity or culture body type etc. is. Being a good gf is 5 simple words: honest, true, reliable, trustworthy & self less. Thats how i am as a person, and what i believe is i treat others the way i would like to be treated, and sometimes we get taken advantage of because we felt to trust this “friend” and got deceived. And that can be discouraging, so that’s why i feel that if your going to be someones’ friend go all the way or nothing at all. your girlfriends have positively influenced my life.

    To be completely honest, at the moment i dont have good gf’s where i live now, i moved 5 yrs ago to NY and its been hard for me to really find some new amazing true gf’s, i’ve reached my hand out to create a great friendship but it just doesnt hapen for some reason. But i do have 2 real true and amazing gf’s back home who have always supported me and loved me no matter what. Even after i moved we didnt see each other for 6 years, i went back home to visit for the first time, they treated me no different than when we met 15yrs ago. This to me is a defining moment in my life. These kind of things give you clarity about life and perspective about the type of person you want to be. The 2 gf’s of mine influenced me because they give me hope and faith that real good genuine people like myself do exist and influence me to not give up on building new relationships with other gf’s who might be experiencing the same as me, but might be hesitant to open up. That is why when you give out the best of yourself eventually Karma will find its way to return all the amazing things you have put out, and having amazing gf’s help you be the better version of you , you couldn’t be by yourself.

  50. Mikaelabryan says:

    I am a good girlfriend, being one is the most important thing. i have been backstabbed and told that people were talking about me behind my back and it felt SHIT! i wouldn’t want that to happen to me again so i know to be a good friend and treat others how i would like to be treated

  51. Myra Phuy says:

    I’m a good girlfriend because I’m honest and I’ll be there for them no matter what the situation is! YT: QUEENxM

  52. Kellz says:

    Yt:Kellzparks. I think that a good girlfriend is one who is there for you through everything. Someone you can call anytime to talk about something great or bad going on in your life and know that they wont tell anyone. Someone you can trust and know that their advice is good advice to help guide you in the right direction and not the wrong. Someone who is willing to drop everything in their life to help you in a time of need. I could keep going on but it would take me all night to describe the good things about me and my best friend. So on that note goodnight ladies I hope you enjoyed :-)

  53. Rainn Kenyon says:

    I put my girlfriends first. No man ever gets put ahead. If I have plans with a girlfriend, I am thee. If she needs a baby sitter, shoulder to cry on, cupcakes, whatever, I do my best. I love my girls, and I hope it shows.

  54. Rainn Kenyon says:

    I am always there for my girlfriends, and i pick up the phone any time for them.

  55. YADIRA N says:

    YT VENEGRILLO Para ser una buena amiga hay k ser muy honesta y y tener mucha confianza yo casi no tengo muchas amigas ya k es difícil encontrar personas pasiente en las.cual puedas confiar sin llegar a pensar si sincera ya

  56. Yes I am a good friend to my best friend she is like a sister to me when I see doing better then me I congrats her and tell her how proud I am and I’m so happy to have her as a friend.

  57. connie faulkner says:

    of course !!!!

  58. My best friend and I live a good distance away from each other, but we are always here for each other when we need it. We cheer each other up any time, day or night, and are always supportive and ready to tell the dirty truth about stuff. I think being a good girlfriend is about sticking to your guns for the benefit of your relationship, even if you have to tell her what she just did was stupid, but you still love her. She’ll thank you.

  59. Roxys PlayLand says:

    I have several really good girlfriends if I am there for them emotionally, financially, mentally, and spiritually if they need me to be. We do not talk negatively about each other and we communicate as much as possible since we all have very different lifestyles. I feel that I am an awesome girlfriend to my girls and their families as well and an awesome listener for them to lean on as well.

  60. Sofia Gni says:

    I am a very good friend to my friend! I care so much about her and if she feels sad about something I feel sad too! I couldn’t imagine my life without her! She always motivates me and supports me whenever I feel dissapointed! I do this too! :) Youtube name: Sofia Gni

  61. Melody says:

    I think that having good connections and friendships with your girlfriends is one of the most important things. I’ve seen so many cases where girlfriends are completely disregarded for boyfriends and other aspects of life.

    Personally, I think that my friends are what keeps me sane in my busy life (even though we’re all completely insane.. how ironic). They’re my comfort, my support and my advice, and they’ve been there for me countless times.

    My friends are so important to me, and I feel it’s very important to keep them close, and be good to them because they really are so good to me.. and yes, I do believe in karma :)

    (My youtube name is Melody Christine)

  62. Kristy says:

    I think it is extremely important to be a good girlfriend to your girlfriends because they should always know that you have their back no matter what. I think good girlfriends are less friends and more like sisters and you should always be able to count on each other no matter what. My girlfriends are my sanity, they make me laugh when I want to cry and they lift me up when I’m down. YT name: aishling12

  63. Amelia says:

    Being a good girlfriend is SO important. Most would think that love and boyfriends come first, but in the end girlfriends are here forever and boys just a short period of time. SO, you should always be there for each other and have each others backs, that’s how you get through life! By being surrounded by amazing friends who love you for YOU and that don’t expect you to change anything about yourself for them! Good girlfriends will always love you for who you are and no one should ever take advantage of that.

    youtube: iloveNSNNN

  64. Jewell Davis says:

    Being a good girlfriend is keeping it real but having tact. Not forgetting about your friend when you get a boyfriend. You must be honest with one another. Not gossiping about each other. Its improtant to telling each how happy you are that you met and respecting each others choices even if you dont agree.

    We need to stick togther like the men do. A woman will find out her man is cheating then get mad at the other woman instead of her man. Thats CRAZY.

    Youtube: Jewell Davis

  65. Red says:

    being a good girlfriend is very important, every girl needs her best girlfriend to turn to for everything, and she needs to be able to trust her. It is important to be a good girlfriend because, not only will your best friend feel good about having a good girlfriend, but you will feel good knowing that you are a good girlfriend. My girlfriends have helped me become who i am today in so many ways that i can’t even begin to explain. They mean the world to me <3 I can not imagine my life without them. Youtube: mellymae4

  66. Julieanna says:

    To me be being a good girlfriend is to be honest and truthful. Especially being there for your girlfriend at the times she needs you the most. Personally, I love my girlfriends to death. They are ALWAYS there for me and I can ALWAYS depend on them. I have a new girlfriend, my 4 month old daughter! I cant wait for her to grow up and talk to me about anything and everything. -JG2993

  67. Esther Hupp says:

    Look, if your girlfriends don’t have your back, who will!? As I’ve matured I have come to realize how important it is to continuously bolster those few strong girlfriend relationships so that when the world seems to be against you you have your girlfriend army behind you to get you through. YT: thebeautynewru

  68. Betina Webb says:

    I love all my girls! They are always there for me through all the good and bad times. When my mom passed away when I was 16 all my closest girlfriends gathered around me and helped guide me through such a hard time. 10 years later I still miss my mama, but having such great girlfriends by my side helps so so much. I always try to be there for all of them no matter what and I think that’s what it means to me a good girlfriend to your girlfriends.

  69. Allison Hill says:

    I honestly don’t have many “girlfriends” but I wish I did! The term “best” friend is really cliche and when it is genuine you don’t have to establish it with words. Be genuine and kind to each other! Don’t force someone to be your friend just because you want a “best” friend! YT-allisoneatslomein

  70. Leena Bhadra says:

    My mother is my friend,philosopher and guide,yet she is a girl.My oldst school friend(we have been friends for almost 20years now)is a girl,my cousin sister is far better looking than me,a lot of people even does not hesitate to compare us,still we are best friends(though you can say we are opposite poles when it comes to appearance)-she is a girl but I am not jealous.There are numerous other girls/women in my life and I love them.None are fully perfect,we all have good and bad in us,so why be envious,rather lets learn from each other to become more perfect
    my youtube username: leenabhadra8

  71. Jasmine says:

    I always say be the friend that you’d want to have. Be trustworthy, kind, caring, understand and a fabulous listener. I feel that I’m a great “girlfriend” to my girlfriends. I treat them with respect, kindness, I’m always willing to lend an ear (or my shoulder), and most of all… I root for their prosperity. I don’t have many friends, but who needs a tons of friends! I think Id probably lose track of them. The “popularity contest” of highschool is long gone for me. In my junior year, I had decided to focus on myself and that was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done because it was then, I really learned who my truest friends were. High school is a world of teens who have superficial ideas planted in their heads…to be honest. You’re never certain if your so-called “friends” like to hang out with you, or just tolerate your presence.
    But I believe that great friends help you grow, they cheer for you, and although they may not always be able to be there for you, you know they made a valiant attempt. I enjoy being proactive and positive..and I know my friends appreciate that about me (they tell me so).
    You are the sum of the five people that you hang out with the most, and I think I have chosen pretty wisely. All of my friends help me grow and help me be the best person I can be. The best part is that we don’t get jealous of each other, unless it’s about food! So yes, I am a good girlfriend to my girlfriends!

    (YouTube: Jasminestarrr)

  72. eva Mar says:

    i’m a honest friend but the most people don’t like that.

  73. abby lawler says:

    to be honesst but nicee. and i feel like i am a good friend. my youtube channel is justforstyle123

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