Classic Style When Style Becomes Personal

Classic Style Where Fashion Becomes Personal


Choosing what to wear requires more than just covering our bodies, it also says what image we would like to project to the world. Many of us would like our clothes to make us look attractive and appealing. What I termed the classic women or “girl next door”. Her style is consistently classic. From her pumps heals, to her oxford top.




In high fashion runway shows the women may be adorned in futuristic looks or edgy colors and textures. Of course, those looks may express the taste of innovative artistic fashionistas. Girls Best Friend and Co promotes the “well dressed women”. From our experience the less flashy conservatives are concerned that we will attempt to put them in clothes outside their comfort zone. This idea couldn’t be any further from the truth. Girls Best Friend and Co encourage prospects and clients to be true to their personality when developing their wardrobe. Being well dressed isn’t synonymous with the latest fashion trend. Being well dressed is about using proper size, proportion and color to accentuate your body type. We believe women are at their best when their ensembles speak to their personality. This post is about the classic woman.

The classic girl can wear todays popular pieces like  the maxi skirt or the “it “bag and be true to her personality.



You can also add a splash of color to a classic look to give a nice update.


I recently had a conversation with a fellow style blogger, who is also an academic, she shared that she didn’t always feel comfortable admitting she cared about style and fashion. She said, “In academia, style is often viewed as anti-intellectual. I have come across clients who felt similar. I have always been successful at creating a paradigm shift. My “classic woman”  maintains their classic but with a play on color and accessory we inject just the right amount of charisma to their wardrobe.

Browse some well put together classic looks. Notice the classic cut and silhouette but amped up using color and accessories. Classic’s at its best.



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  • Ashley

    I’ve found a lot of people think style is anti intellectual too. Little do they know what they have on was more than likely picked by someone who thought it would have mass market appeal. Great post love the classic looks.

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Ashley yes, mass appeal is usually water downed to appeal to many. As I continue to drive home fashion for me is self expression. I personally would like to be understood, I am assuming many other women too would like to be understood. How I am dressed give some insight as to how I am feeling what I am thinking. I want to share that experience with other women.

    • Dayanis Valdivieso

      I totally agree with this.

  • Courtnee Davis

    I’m in love with the classic looks. Those red paints with the black and white shirt, as well as the navy and the yellow shirt are heaven! It’s very interesting that a lot of people feel that being “fashion foward” is a sign of being anti-intellectual, when some of the most educated women are very fashion forward and chic, but not in an overly flamboyant way.

  • Cafe Fashionista

    I LOVE the look in the third picture – gorgeous! :)

    • Dayanis Valdivieso

      ikr its soo cool

  • Yamari Lesca

    I love all these classic looks. I can never get enough of timeless looks, which is why Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was one of my fave fashionistas.
    As for style being an anti-intellectual thing: Style and clothes are part of who we are, whether you care about fashion or not. And for those people who make others feel ashamed because they’re stylish is kinda sad. People are multi-dimensional and we should strive to be as many things as possible. Intellectuals who feel that being stylish doesn’t go with being intellectual are ignorant. It’s like saying that you can’t be funny if you’re smart.

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Ha ha you are making me laugh. See Yamari, you know how it feels to put on an extra cute outfit. How it changes your mood and your disposition for the better. These intellectual are rationalizing with their left brain. Those feeling evoke an emotion. For many intellectuals being in control of your emotions is a sign of strength and maturity. They do not focus on the happy chemical that are created in the brain when you feel pretty or attractive. When you said they are ignorant you hit the nail on the head. They are ignorant to the benefits of being a well dressed women. Which is Girls Best Friend and Co mission, to teach how taking a little effort in your appearance, and express who you are through a visual display. I certainly appreciate the time you took to comment Yamari. I hope others can grow and learn from this dialog when they visiting this sight.

      • Yamari Lesca

        As I’m going over your response I can’t help but to wonder that it’s this same intellectual group that can probably use the very same help that you offer.

        • GirlsBestFriendandCo

          Yes of course, because they place very little value on aesthetic beauty. They believe it comes from an emotional place. Many believe emotional is synonymous with weak or immature. But we are emotional being especially women. Many haven’t experience the feeling o being fabulously dressed. That were I come in! I love it.

  • Baby Shopaholic

    I am a pretty classic dresser but I like to add a flare with shoes and accessories. I want to start using color.

  • Dacy Pie

    I absolutly ADORE the 4th photo from the bottom. Besides that point, I’m not a straight A student at school and (last year in particular) the teachers would see me all dressed up and looking pretty and at one point they actually made it a point to say that if I didn’t look the way I did everyday that maybe I’d be a better student! Of course, I took HUGE offence to it (& I don’t take offence to many things). Just because I like to look good and have a nice outfit on a daily basis, that doesn’t mean that I’m any less intellectual than the next person. I don’t plan on getting by on looks and I most certainly won’t settle to be put down by people that think that. Especially not by the staff at a high school.

  • Holly (Woman Tribune)

    I think the reason that some people who identify themselves or are identified as “academics” are uncomfortable with admitting caring about fashion is because they think that their academic prowess would somehow be diminished because of their love of fashion. It’s a product of those high school personalities that have a tendency to follow us into adulthood and out into the “real world.” The people who typically really, really cared about fashion as if their entire worlds revolved around what shirt they were pairing with what pants and what belt they were coordinating with what shoes were typically the “pretty people.” The cheerleaders, the elite squad of girls in high school who always looked effortlessly put-together and were sporting trends the day after they were seen in magazines. We all fit into some high school cliche, that’s why they’re cliches, but what they really do is shortchange everyone involved. Sure, that “pretty person” looked great all the time, but her grades and intellect were almost exclusively overloooked by her peers and sometimes even her friends. She was playing out a role dictacted by what high school cliche she fit into, and she didn’t have a say in it.

  • by Brittany Landers

    I agree with the classic look being more intellectual….and a few of those girls (like Rach Parcell from The Pink Peonies), her outfits are classically shaped but take lots of thought. You can tell. So maybe there can be a marriage between thinking/caring about fashion and the classic look.

  • Jenn Lopez

    My youtube name Jenniferluvsyu07
    I love all of the looks. Especially the third picture and the one with the red rain boots.

  • apiphany Williams

    I think this is name 2008ajw

  • Jennifer

    I’m absolutely loving the looks!! I’ve known some women who were very into academics to say they felt odd speaking out about their love of fashion.. I say if you love it, just scream it to the world.. don’t be ashamed or feel weird about something you are interested in unless it is illegal lol!

    • Jennifer

      Oh and my YouTube name is xXJennkAXx

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      you made me laugh… thanks for participating in this discusson

  • Jessica Kieft

    I love seeing everyones individual styles :) YT: cutesygirl131

  • cosmina ina

    I love the jeans girls, so me!!! classic with a pop of color of playing with texture YT cosmina ina, blog

  • Ditte Hansen

    I love the classic look. And the pic’s are amazing. LOVE IT!

    Wish I was brave enough to go crazy with colours, I’ll just stick to my neutrals :)

    P.S AndreaMatillano sent me here :)

    Youtube username: Ditte Hansen

  • Selina

    I have to admit when it comes to fashion styles, I have a bit of everything in my closet. Classic has been around for ages. I love looking at my Grandma’s old Montgomery ward catalogs and looking at their “classic” styles. Its funny how trends from the past re-emerge in today’s fashions. It might have a button or hem placed differently but the concept is still the same. Gotta love fashion! Awesome blog! Love the samples! Can’t wait to read more! I’m YT~selinancolorado

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Wow you have an old Montegomery ward catalog. I am jelly…

  • Megan Richmond

    Love the pink pencil skirt with the mint cardigan! (Youtube username: MeganLRich)

  • Shelby

    I completely agree with this article and I often find to that in academia at least in my uni program not so much that fashion is looked down upon but it’s not encouraged really at all. Separating yourself as an individual isn’t really encouraged either though so it probably just depends on where you are and the attitudes of people surrounding you. I love the idea that no matter your style you can always incorporate inspiration or pieces from other contrasting style.

    YT: ilove2singnplay

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      You make a great point about being encouraged to separate yourself as an individual. I will keep those ideas in mind when consulting a client. Thanks for participating

  • llyyssaa11

    The classic girl can wear todays popular pieces like the maxi skirt or the “it “bag and be true to her personality.

    This sentence stood out to me and described my style perfectly. I am obsessed with purses and handbags and that is probably always the best part of my “look.” I love wearing girly, glamorous purses and I think that is how I am “true to my personality” and my style. :)

    llyyssaa11 on YouTube :)

  • MrChubbiBunni

    I love ALL the looks!! <3
    Youtube- MrChubbiBunni xx

  • keilani

    completely agree with this post I love this classic woman look every outfit was so nice loved it(: YT username: KillahSHYT75

  • disqus_po3L1FfF76

    Love color combo (youtube Neutro924)

  • annelise tuitavuki

    I loved this post. Im a big fan of classic style but sometimes don’t know how to wear some pieces or fashion them on my body, since I am a plus size girl but this post was super helpful and informative. Loved it. My YT username is kpoplovah26, also <3

  • TheArchaeoChick

    It’s really been a challenge combining my personal style with the field science that I have a career in. It’s still a largely male-based field, and so you have to dress in a way that allows you really get noticed for your work and intellect, and not for your style choices. But you still want to feel comfortable, stylish and professional. It’s been a challenge, but I think i’m getting the hang of it. (TheArchaeoChick – @Archaeo_Chick)

  • MsMal27 – Mallory

    Love the photos! My youtube username is MsMal27 :) <3

  • Blanca Arana

    These are really cute looks-youtube bsac81

  • Gracie21

    Andrea Matillano recommended your blog…As an academic, I found myself agreeing with your fellow style blogger. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  • Candace Green

    Love these looks even though they really dont fit my style
    YouTube Username:HAIRBEAUTIFIED

  • Vendy Veny Doležalová

    My style is just normal, i love leggins and some long shirt and some cute scarf and wheel :33 Youtube name – vendagrazy :))) Love you and your style♥

  • ronit halili

    so gorgeous how “Girls Best Friend” cant put ANYTHING together and make it the cutest outfit ever :D

  • elinore cohen

    WOW I wish i can put anything together and it would turn out as stunning as they do it <3 Love a "Girls Best Friend" :D ~Elinore Cohen

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      We help women develop a wardrobe that expresses their personality.

  • Laura Katherine Baum

    I LOVE THISSS~~~~ Youtube username: baumersbaby

  • Tricia

    I’m ConsultantTricia on youtube

  • Marissa Randel

    i love this!! youtube:aspiringpetitemodel

  • Maria Espinoza

    I Like the styles you showed, really nice and chic. This blog is helpful, it gave me ideas in how to style my wardrobe. My youtube name is airam04nauj07.

  • Araceli Ramirez

    Like the sixth look. Thanks Andrea M. for introducing
    Youtube username:loveldme6

  • Sarah

    i really like the first three looks very cute and something i would wear

    Youtube Username:Sarah Gorshtein

  • Suzy Hermosillo

    I think your appearance says everything about you. I love the classic look with a splash of color. My favorite would probably be the first look :)
    -suzeee906 (YouTube username)

  • Tammy Dee

    My style tends to he jeans and a v-neck t-shirt with combat boots. My youtube channel is CricketsBay.

  • Maria Soriano

    i love all the styles but my favorite one is the business casual. my youtube name is sorianomaria87

  • Valerie Soliz

    Very nice styles! My youtube username is vsoliz56

  • Erielle

    The outfits in this blog are all gorgeous! wish I win this giveaway- BlissEllie100

  • Jennifer

    This is totally my style! I love looking classy and put together. I love the look in the second to last picture, I’ll have to try that out. Andrea sent me and my youtube username is

  • Dayanis Valdivieso

    am very chic, edgy,trendy, and on my lazy days casual. I love looking through magazines & getting ideas. To look nice even when I wear yoga pants, I cant called myself unique by what i wear but I always try to mix everything up.
    -Dayanis Valdivieso

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Sounds good to me..

  • Abbi

    Loved all of these looks! My youtube is AbbiWorlund.

  • Jenna

    Im a little of everything. Anything that i feel comfortable in ill wear. No matter how wild it is. But never slutty. username:czimsweetlikdat

  • Ashley

    I love every single outfit shown here!! YouTube Channel: BramblewoodOnline

  • Holly Ann Taylor

    Love all the outfits! YT Name: Holly Ann or hollyann2611

  • Guest

    Ooh! Love the sweater in the fourth picture down!

  • Renenutet

    I like the outfit of the model with the dog and the similar one with the red boots. If I had more of a sit at my desk type job, I think I’d wear the last model’s outfit. I find being a bigger young woman is a bit more difficult when it comes to fashion. If I can afford it, I have to go through racks of clothes that look like something a senior citizen would wear. Perhaps fashion will change to fully include the bigger sized woman with affordable clothes.

    Youtube Username: Renenutet11779

  • Emily Jordan

    I love look number 1 youtube name bxnegrita

  • Giovanna Leonardi

    It’s always good to have a pop of color. You tube user name is my name xD

  • Kexin42

    I think I have my own style but I would like to mix some bohemian, vintage pieces to it…my youtube name is Kexin42

  • Mckenna

    PERFECTNAILZ88 is my youtube :) My style is a mix of everything + lazy! Haha it depends on the day!

  • Tamara Halit

    I definitely love the classic look! And who cares if people think fashion is “anti-intellectual”. Everyone’s interested in different things, no one should be ashamed of what they like just because of what other people think about it. I think caring about fashion and style is a great value to have!

    My YouTube name: TamaraHalit

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Caring about fashion and style says you are mindful of how you show up in others lives. It say you have pride in your appearance which is a great quality to have.

  • disqus_EZFqeyFRff

    Loving these looks! I need a stylist! :)
    Username: Lindsay Goldberg

  • Katie

    Love the sweater in the fourth picture down!
    Youtube: writingobsessed

  • Karyna Garza

    my style is more casual my username on youtube- karys150 :)

  • Rosaura Hernandez

    wow I love all of these looks! Shaunwhiteismyginger is my username

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    I adore all of the outfits featured!! They are fun and young, yet super classy and professional at the same time. I try so hard to balance all these things in clothing choices, but find it difficult! Thank you for the wonderful ideas!

  • disqus_JqA17uNQCS

    My style is super girly!
    Youtube is lizaxmonica

  • Ariel Angel

    my style can be edgy to the point where i have short haircut and combat boots but im also comfy to the point where i wear sweaters with leggings and beanie (youtube: arielsangel2)

  • Connie Imbault

    I love the looks, my username on youtube (for Andrea’s giveway) is conmister45 :)

  • Samantha Kirby

    Loving the style in the 3rd pic with the dog. First her top knot bun is super cute, and second I feel like the chunky knit infinity sweater really ties the whole outfit together. Really loving it!
    And my youtube user is skirby630 :) Thanks!!

  • Kimmy

    Splash of color outfits were so pretty and a little more down the girl with an all pastel outfit was so cute~! (Youtube: RockerPoison)

  • Shanna Beaulieu

    i LOVE the pictures, my style is girly and glamour :) my username on Youtube(Andrea’s giveway) is Shanna Beaulieu

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    My style is casual I like to be very comfortable (:
    YouTube Username: BetzabelHdz

  • Mary Huerta

    I like all the looks. I love the yellow sweater with navy pencl skirt! My youtube user is Mary Huerta

  • Patrishia Marie Anderson

    i love the style with the dog it look so comfy yet fashionable i love ittt!!! youtube:patty cakez

  • Trina Jarrett

    i love your YT my YT name is Trina jarrett

  • Jenn Fritz

    I like that classic can be trendy with colors and accessories, but professional for work. Jenn F.

  • Kelly Barnes

    I love classic style with a little bit of edge!

    AndreaMatillano sent me here :) Youtube name: irav82

  • Melissa Mahaney

    I love the pastels in the second pic and the bold colours in third and fourth pics. Definitely can identify with those 3 pics as my style. My youtube user name is missymae2312 for Andrea’s giveaway :)

  • Angelica Solorio

    Nice blog… (youtube user is angieensenada23

  • Sha

    I really like the look in the first picture but with the cold weather where I live, the red boot look is something I’d go for :) my YouTube username is ShanikuaJay

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    I loved the look in the six picture beautiful

  • Liz Reynoso

    nice styles, youtube username thelivelove14

  • Lavinia

    I love smart-casual style! AndreaMatillano sent me here, my youtube name is Laviniabese

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    i love the outfits and the way theyre styled : ) username: cardb0ardhearts

  • Cristina

    Oh my.. o.O I loved all the outfits!


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    i like the outfit with the dog super cute!
    youtube: tueschicaloca

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  • Anuradha Somershein

    Anew1008 I think fashion is important, and more important to help others who need help in that category i would love a person stylist or someone who can give me tips on what looks goo on me doesnt everyone!

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Yes, we love helping our clients create a wardrobe that is conducive to their lifestyle. Anurahha we are currently located in the greater Los Angeles area. If you are in our area we would love to offer a consultation.

  • Syirasyaa

    This post is so inspiring. I love fashion and I think every girl should be able to express themselves through fashion. YouTube: syirasyaa

  • BelleB

    Loving the red boots/wellies and black shirt with scarf. So pretty and looks comfortable too. youtube – candycoatedpaw

  • Cullen Alicia

    I really do enjoy all of these styles. I would really love to know more of how to dress for my figure. They all look so beautiful. You Tube- username Sweetindulgence30

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      How would you describe your body type?

  • Ifigenia Grigoriadou

    nice article, youtube username lyrascience

  • Gina

    I like the style the girl in the blue shirt and the green skirt is displaying. The use both colors is great and I definitely identify with that look. YouTube username:Geniev91.


    The looks are soooo gorgeous! I like the last pictures style the best, straight lines are very posh. Username: Amanda Hulon

  • GirlsBestFriendandCo

    I wouldn’t say you necessary fit in a certain category because you are unsure about styling. You may need a little help in creating your wardrobe. Many of our clients are in the same dilemma, fashion isn’t their strength. These women are school teachers, attorneys some medical professionals. They excel in other areas. Hiring Girls Best Friend and Co allows them to become well dressed while expressing their personality.

  • GirlsBestFriendandCo

    You would like How Fashion Influences brain chemistry post. You should check it out.

  • GirlsBestFriendandCo

    Casual with a little Bohemian flare. I like that…

  • Betina

    I’m just not tring to find my own style. I’ve spent most of my life hiding behind sweats and baggy shirts because I hated the way I looked. I just want to say thanks to GBF&CO. for all the do to help women! I’m 2786Tina on YouTube. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Thank you Betina, if you would like addition help will be gladd to assist you. Thank for your wonderful comment.

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Thanks Betina! We would love to assist you. We are planning a makeup segment in the near future. Maybe you can participate.

      • Betina

        I would love to! Looking forward to it also I would like to say thank you so so much! I was lucky enough to be the winner of the giveaway you did with Andrea on YouTube! You have no idea how much it will help me. Please let me know if you need my info for anything and thanks again, I’m super excited.

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    I agree 100%, style comes from the individual. You can wear a Gucci dress that looks horrible on you, or a $5 tee from Goodwill that makes you shine like a Victoria’s Secret model. Wear what works for your body and choose what expresses how you feel.
    Youtube: cori392

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    Thanks for the oppourtunity to win some fab prizes!!!

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      You are too kind! I hope to see you around more often!

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    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      What a great comment! Thanks for sharing. Self-expression is ever so important to women. We love for others to “get us”. Fashion is a great vehicle. I will be sure to check out your channel.

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