Create 3 different looks with one fabulous piece

Create 3 different looks with one fabulous piece


It is fun to create different looks with one separate piece. Lyric creates a 3 looks, business casual, street edge and glamour look all with the same one piece Chanel inspired boucle knit jacket.

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149 Replies to Create 3 different looks with one fabulous piece

  1. Ashley says:

    Love the glitter wedges in the thrid look!

  2. Jamie Gall says:

    I’ve been seeing those jackets around and they always catch my eye when I see someone wearing them… and they really are versatile =) love pieces that you can work into many outfits

  3. gissele says:

    i love adding rings to outfits whether it be a plain ring to something i would not wear i just love rings!

  4. brenda buckingham says:

    i have a necklace that my husband gave me with the autism sign for my son.. i will change the chain it is on and also i have put it on my bracelet if i want a little bling there… yt buckinghamclan

  5. raelle says:

    i love the head bands whether its fabric or the stretchy one you can use to pull your hair into a bun.or to display natural curls.And i love all different colors. Sapphir122011

  6. disqus_QUJK6QNy6u says:

    I love to use scarves as well, especially really big and sheer ones that can double as a light shawl. :) WifeOfJRoc

  7. Angela Younes says:

    Lets see my fav accessory would probably be earrings and I wear regular studs most of the time and I wear the ear cuffs sometimes those are really cute. I have been thinking about getting my second hole pierced in my ears, I had them a long time ago but they closed up so I want to do the bigger earring in the front and the smaller one in the back. Earrings are my most worn accessory. Thanks Andrea for the giveaway and good luck everyone!!-Angie—–86AkayW

  8. Madjennsy says:

    My favorite piece is a pink dress, and I could style it with a silk shirt, a golden necklace, pink caviar nail art and pink glitter stilletos shoes.

  9. carolina perez terrones says:

    I love to wear scarfs in different ways :)
    Youtube name: Carolina Perez Terrones

  10. knc3394 says:

    I love wearing scarves! Usually I just tie them in a knot and let them hang because I feel like that can really dress up a simple outfit. But I also love double looping infinity scarves. I like just leaving regular scarves untied as well. My YouTube username is knc3394.

  11. Ambreen Rouf says:

    I use scarf in many different ways around my neck for style, in winner little tightly around neck to keep my neck warm and also I use the scarf to cover my head(which also covers my ears). In all ways it gives different look.

  12. Ambreen Rouf says:

    my YT name is mamakijaangugu

  13. Claire says:

    my fave accessory is my headband from pacsun that i got for like 12 buck. it really compliments my hair :) i use it as a regular headband, a bracelet, or a hippie headband haha. -clairebearming98 from youtube :) xx

  14. Marta Menezes says:

    One of the things I most like to change the way I use and people always tell me get too cute, are my brooches. I have rhinestone brooches, flowers, pearls and bows. I use them on clothing, shoes and hair, sometimes use to decorate any party bag.

    I hope that you can enjoy this tip.
    My YT username is Menezesmarta1

  15. Hope Ferguson says:

    I love the jacket! My favorite accessory is my skinny leopard belt. I think this piece is an awesome pattern to bring life to a boring outfit and a great pattern for mixing different patterns. It looks great with my high riser jeans or with any dress and it is a mix of neutral colors so it works any bright tops! LOVE it :)

    YouTube name: Hope Ferguson

  16. Shelby says:

    I really love big rings, I find they just make your hands look so put together especially when you’ve done a nice manicure. I just love mixing it up with funky or elegant and each ring looks so different on different fingers. I just find there is so much variety to work with. :D YT: ilove2singnplay

  17. says:

    My favorite piece to wear is my scarf just because it’s multicolored. I can seriously wear it with any colored top. I like to wear it as a belt sometimes as well. It makes a really pretty head wrap as well! Another way I wear my scarf is by making it into a little cardigan type of thing
    My YouTube username is ShanikuaJay btw ♥

  18. Kristine says:

    I love using jewelry to switch up and outfit. I always wear my wedding ring, but I also like to add a dainty necklace for a more feminine look. – clandestine73647 on YouTube

  19. Mara quihuis says:

    I’m not so sure about the first look, maby it would look better with stud earrings and pants or jeans… the third one i liked it the most…

    I love wearing scarves.. in the different ways.. and depending on the print color or texture u can dress up or dress down an outfit.. I love that!

    Youtube: MaraQuihuis :D

  20. love my stud earrings elley24 on youtube

  21. Eunbee sang says:

    My favorite accessory is a bow ring and I like to wear a bow ring just regularly also I wear as a necklace :) YT:sbeebee34

  22. Sophie Collier says:

    i love the wedges! and my youtube username is beautytipsbysophie :) xx

  23. Kexin42 says:

    My favorite accessory is the scarf. A simple strip of fabric can be used in so many ways! Fully wrapped, fallen, with a knot in another accessory (like a suitcase or make belt). A simple scarf can give us a more relaxed look or more classic look depending on how it is used. I think that was one of the best accessories that were invented! Besides it, in winter is so warm!

  24. valerie soliz says:

    I love my blazer! I can wear dressing up or down summer or winter! ;)

  25. Nidhi says:

    it’s never occurred to me that a jacket could be used in so many different looks! i know you can do that with a peacoat.

    my favorite piece would be my messenger bag. i can use it for a business setting as well as just going out for shopping or something

    - nbansal90

  26. Thalita Valentim says:

    I love belts! Wear them on your waist, your head as a headband or your wrist as a bracelet :)

  27. knc3394 says:

    This comment is for the Urban Decay giveaway. I heard about it on Andrea Matillano’s YouTube account.
    My favorite accessory is scarves. I love wearing scarves. I usually tie them in a knot because I feel like that can really dress up a simple outfit. Sometimes I just leave them untied. But I also like to double loop an infinity scarf! My YouTube username is knc3394.

  28. Cat says:

    I don’t wear too many accessories, but when I wear my hair up I love to wear really long earrings. I feel like they help slim my face in the absence of my long hair as a frame ;)

  29. hanh nguyen says:

    scarves!! I like to wear as head band, around my neck, and as a belt.

  30. says:

    My favorite accessory is my silver hoop earrings!!! <3 gerberdaisy03

  31. Renenutet says:

    My scarves are my go to items for multiple styles with the same type item. I can choose different textures and colors. Plus I can tie them different ways. My youtube name is Renenutet11779

  32. megan lewis says:

    my scarf or michael kors watch, they just add an extra pop to all my outfits when they seem kinda boring. my youtube name is meganlewis11 <3 i really hope i win!! i really am in love with the flushed palette

  33. I like to use jeans and make different kinds of looks with them. You can do an edgy look by pairing them with a cute shirt, black leather or faux leather jacket, and some boots with studs. You can create a more casual look by pairing them with a pair of tennis shoes and a comfy, cute T-shirt. And finally you can create a more classy kind of look by pairing them with heels, a cute shirt with a blazer over it, and some more classy jewelry.

  34. scorpioqueendatsme says:

    I like to use a bandanna an use it several ways in my hair. =-) and my youtube user name is scorpioqueendatsme! Thanks girls you roCk

  35. Blondie00712 says:

    My favorite accessories would be a beautiful colored scarf an some cute earrings

  36. Haley Howard says:

    I love the first look! I love the earrings! I would style it with an occasion outfit. My favorite piece is my Tiffanys Necklace I can wear with anything. My YouTube username is Haleyglamour and I liked you on Facebook as well /hayweeee.

  37. maria says:

    My piece will be a purse you could use it 3 diffrent ways like a clutch, on one arm or to the side.
    Youtube is maria chavez

  38. Joanne Ngo says:

    I like to wear scarves either on top a plain shirt or with a hat (gives that cozy look)

    youtube username: hellopiggy15

  39. Alicia says:

    :D I said it inAndreaMatillano video: I love using my Purple keds. :D Im size 8 but they make my feet look smaller: and I can combine in with everything. I can use them with blue jeans, leggins and skirt! :D And they do the trick. My name is: LaGuialPana01 in youtube

  40. AlexPartridge says:

    I love creating three different looks with a scarf!! There are tons of ways to wear one. You can get a normal one and tie the ends together for a infinity scarf or even wear one as a skirt. Tie it around your head too! I found y’all through Sndrea Matillano. My YouTube name is Alexandranpartridge.

  41. Makaylah Fitts says:

    I love necklaces. I like them because if you have a pretty but plain outfit all you need is a pretty necklace to make your outfit POP !!!!
    Username: Makaylah Fitts

  42. Lauren Elizabeth says:

    I love using scarves to dress up even plain long sleeved tshirts for work (teaching). There are so many ways you can tie them to achieve different looks even with the same exact scarf!

  43. Selina says:

    My favorite garment to style in various ways is my denim jacket. You can be casual by wearing it with t-shirt and jeans and dress it up with a nice blouse and skirt. For those cool and breezy summer night, I always like wearing mine with a sundress and of course my hat! You can’t go wrong with this item in your wardrobe! I’m YT selinancolorado!

  44. Alexandra Kue says:

    I like the shoes in the second look. I would pair them with black jeans or leggings!

    Youtube: y0oitsalexx

  45. Erica says:

    if i want to change up an outfit i like to add a belt around my waist and then i can tie it different ways- youtube lilmissre

  46. Miszz Hoshi says:

    My favorite accessory is my tan colored belt, its nice and thin and I love to wear it with anything

  47. Miszz Hoshi says:

    BTW my youtube name is lilmunchki

  48. I love using scarves and hats to change up a look. You can take it from casual to sexy to professional with ease! (YT user: thebeautynewru)

  49. ALICIA says:

    I use flowers, either in my hair, clipped to my purse or pinned to my blouse!

  50. Tying scarves in many different ways or dainty rings on many fingers! YouTube username- missmarchhhh

  51. Kim Laurize Ravara says:

    my favorite piece right now is a pink floral scarf that i got last holiday and im going to style same as yours! <3 thank you so much for the video and giveaway! <3 YT-kimlaurize13

  52. i like to use bracelets because you can stack them, wear one, mix and match, and have millions of them lol
    YT: Trina Jarrett

  53. ashley coggins says:

    I love jewelry all kinds of jewelry and i also lise scarves as well but I’ve never tried putting them on my bag that’s cool ill have to try that ty YouTube Username -

  54. Anne Lee says:

    i think jewelry is the easiest way to change a look from dramatic club to shopping-with-the-girls
    YT: waitingsilently16

  55. Jennie Bao says:

    I love my rings from brandy melville. Super cheap and affordable!

  56. Jennie Bao says:

    i love my rings :)
    Youtube- princesslife06

  57. Sarah.M.S says:

    I love using gloves….. also makeup! Elbow gloves I can scrunch them, or bring them all the up my arm. I also love making styles with my makeup to match my outfit or kind of express my feelings! <3 Youtube- barbiegrlxoxoxo

  58. TheArchaeoChick says:

    I’m loving Silver and Turquoise jewelry right now. I have a pair of feather earrings with a turquoise stone in each that are my go-to earrings. It’s all about fun and funky jewelry with me! (TheArchaeoChick (YouTube))

  59. I really like the Victoria’s Secret Pink boyfriend tees! They’re so soft and comfy and they come in so many bright colors! Sometimes I wear them with my black leggings. Sometimes I throw a black blazer on top! They’re so versatile!

    YouTube – AnException

  60. I love using necklaces to dress up an outfit.. You can use a really long one and double it up or you can also wear it around your waist.. Kind of like a pretty belt.. Only a few necklaces can work that way but I have 2 of them that look really great on the waist. :)

  61. Raisa Ai says:

    I love using many rings!! Because it’s really enhances my long fingers and the design for rings is just really cute.. =)

    Youtube : Raisa Ai

  62. katarzyna powirska says:

    I love scarves, especially the one that my mom bought me in Italy…it’s multicolour and it goes with everything:)

    yt: fifidorea

  63. @ana7396 says:

    my favourite piece is my uggs ..i can wear them with jeans skirts ..even with dresses my username is AnastasiaTheBest2

  64. Gina Guy says:

    jewelry!!! scarfs and a great purse ;<3 youtube name ginagypsy

  65. Julianna says:

    I love to wear my black leather jacket with any outfit. It can go glam with a party dress or casual with skinny jeans. I love your youtube!! My youtube is: ClassOf2012SWAG

  66. Dina Agha says:

    I love rings and necklaces and sometimes i put my rings in my necklaces and sometimes i use my necklaces as braclets.
    My youtube username: fifi66aa

  67. Sherri says:

    I love to have my earrings and necklaces as well as my bracelets to accessorize my outfit (youtube name is roxi0521

  68. my fav accessories and definietly earrings and rings, i love to wear vintage pieces to brings a retro outfit the day or spike rings to give an extra edge to my punk, edgy outfits – Youtube name: izzlez12

  69. No matter what my heels and purse…I like it when a person looks at my shoes before they see me….lol!!

  70. Michelle Yan says:

    Bags definetly pull together an outfit. Scarves are a great accessory for a plain easy casual look!

  71. love wearing my bracelet and watch together and my earings plus my bag and a pair of hot heels.:) my youtube username is albajuliana90

  72. A nice coat :)
    and my youtube username is conmister45

  73. Ha-nana Khue says:

    I always have long necklace that I can wear as 1) necklace 2) bracelet and 3) princess handband :D my youtube name is Khue Ha

  74. Charlotte says:

    Bracelets and rings!

  75. A scarf and your shoes are my favorite accessories. I feel that they make your whole outfit :)

  76. Forgot to leave my username… its suzeee906

  77. Haley Bishop says:

    My favorite piece is a bag. Different bags can give your outfits a different feel. Youtube username is Haley Bishop

  78. pinkan2009 says:

    I have recently got into scarves since Texas is warm and we don’t really need them. I like to wrap them different ways depending on my outfit but it does add such a big change and can make any outfit look extra cute! —pinkan2009

  79. Emilee says:

    my favorite piece is a statement necklace. I love bib type necklaces or any big statement type necklaces, in which they can really dress up and make an outfit. EandJglam

  80. Rachel says:

    I’m going to say belts because they’re both practical and stylish. You can use them to enhance your body shape, match with your accessories and loads of other stuff!
    My youtube username is RachelOfChaos

  81. Shawna says:

    Different types of shoes can change up any outfit or look! I think shoes are a girls best friend,

    User name: Shawna Ortega

  82. scarves.. they can always add a little something to a plain outfit & they’re cheaper than other things.
    My youtube username is xlilaznthaigirlx

  83. cosmina ina says:

    i love scarfs and earrings to change an ouffit
    youtube: cosmina ina

  84. Katie says:

    i LOVE the statement necklace becasue i just love necklaces in genral, especially them kinda ones that are statement type necklaces that are big becasue they can really change up a simple outfit :)


  85. Diana Deasen says:

    Necklaces and rings! It can make an outfit classic or edgy depending on the style of the pieces. User name: zombiedoll1111

  86. SamFinney says:

    Blazers! You can roll the sleeves up to expose the print on the inside and make the outfit more casual and fun or you can wear it normal to class up an outfit. Username: GlamSam55

  87. Taylor Souden says:

    I love to change it up with my shoes….tatertot1884

  88. Caeley Pittman says:

    i love scarves!!! YT username- caeleylovesyouu

  89. Rainn Kenyon says:

    Scarves. I have so many, and never used them until recently when I started watching videos on how to tie them. they change everything.

  90. Kayla Sandefer says:

    Bandanas! As a headband or around my neck like a scarf or ascot and tucked into a blazer pocket for a pop of color. If its large enough its even cute as a bandeau under a nice henley. I own so many. My absolute fave accessory.

  91. Nina Hoffmann says:

    I love scarfs. makeupbettyboop

  92. I love my hoop earrings! Of course, I wear them as earring but sometimes I string on beads to make them different and also I wear them as bangles!

    YouTube Username: PrincessMultiracial

  93. Bre Blaye says:

    My favorite accessory would have to be any sort of fashion/ costume jewlery rings. They can add any color and match what you’re wearing. They can add flare to your outfits or you can where all neutral colors and wear a pretty bright yellow flowered ring and vice versa. LOVE MY RINGS!!! YT:MissTigerLilyBre

  94. Kelsey says:

    My favorite accessories are scarves!! I wear them all the time! Youtube name: kstyle1999

  95. Rachel Hager says:

    My everyday piece is black leggings. You can style them up or down.

    Business Casual: White collared button up with a black peacoat, statement necklace, simple black heels, a kick-ass red lipstick and of course, leggings!

    Edgy Look: White tank with a studded jean jacket, spiked metal bracelets, combat boots, cross body black purse and leggings!

    Bum day! Throw on an oversized neutral sweater that hangs off one shoulder, add a chunky infinity scarf, some flats, a messy bun, and leggings!

    They are super comfy, and I wear leggings everyday!

  96. alaina kirk says:

    My favorite accessories or shoes! Great shoes can perk up any look! Heels, boots, sandals or anything! You can change your whole look with your feet which is pretty amazing!
    YouTube name: makeupbeauty9
    Facebook name: Alaina kirk
    Keep up the. Good videos!

  97. courtnee.davis says:

    I like the last look with the gold colors. Very cute and classy!

  98. im in love with shoes! and necklaces :D YT:Pattersonchick

  99. Gina says:

    I love scarfs. I wear them in my hair and around my waist in the summer and spring. Then during the winter months, I wear it around me neck in various positions. I just love them a lot.

  100. Sonja says:

    My favorite accessory is different style bracelets. Your mood ore style that day can change just because the style of your bracelet. Like rock style, classy ore sporty. My youtube name is Sonja Luneburg ore sonlun

  101. haydee says:

    My favorite accessory is my charm necklace i could also usenit as a.bracelet it is multy colorful

  102. I love to wear adjustable length necklaces with different outfits, changing the look/length depending on the neckline. I really love long strands of beads or pearls that can be doubled (or sometimes tripled!) depending on what kind of blouse I’m wearing. YT: KatsMeow422

  103. MrChubbiBunni says:

    My favourie accessory is a Hat. It can totally change the whole look <3 xx
    Youtube name- MrChubbiBunni

  104. Allie Whitehead says:

    My favorite piece lately is a cream, black and gold dress from Express. I can add chunky jewelry and high heels for a night out or wear it with tights, flats, and a cardi for a daytime look. :)

    YouTube Name: Allie Whitehead

  105. Cici P says:

    my favorite piece right now is a rachel roy dress i bought at macys. I love that i looks super dressy with heels, i add stockings with them and it becomes work appropriate or wear it with boats to school.

    youtube name :asmche

  106. Guest says:

    I think a white buttoned down shirt is one of the most versatile pieces to have. You can throw that over some leggings, boots and a black cuff

  107. Janea Mayers says:

    I think a white buttoned down shirt is one of the most versatile pieces to have. You could thrown that over some leggings, boots and a leather cuff for more of an edgy look. Or you could tuck it into some blue skinnies with a nude pump and that’s a nice casual look.Or for a nice night out, you could pair it with a printed skirt and some nice flats. YT: Janeaneanea

  108. Janea Mayers says:

    My favourite piece shoes

  109. brittney f says:

    a big statement necklace can change the look of any outfit! yt username: br1ttybritt

  110. ola says:


  111. Laura says:

    Arm candy! I’m not a person for statement necklaces, they just don’t suit me.. But I love to pile on the bracelets and rings, they can instantly take a simple tanktop and jeans to something a lot more chic looking!

  112. chloe ewen says:

    I love to use belts to vamp up a dress or a bright belt to style up a pair of jeans also I to wear scarfs too. And a statement piece of jewelry xxx chloewonderland01

  113. Eli Figueroa says:

    I love to use long necklaces and i adjust the lenght wherever i want :). User: Elizabeth Figueroa

  114. Isla McKay says:

    I use stacked bracelets, I like to make a statement with them :) my youtube is Isla McKay

  115. Amber Javed says:

    I love to use rings, in diff shapes and diff colors.
    YT missjaved

  116. I use dramatic earrings xsweetjessicax

  117. angel says:

    my favorites accessory is a scarf
    my youtube name is CooookieeMonster

  118. sandra morales says:

    i use leggins and i like to wear them with boots and long sweaters user:Sandra morales

  119. choleeee says:

    I love scarve too because they come in so mamy different shapes and sizes!(:
    Youtube: simplethingsinlifee

  120. Haley says:

    Youtube: haleylynn l

    My favorite accessory is a scarf. I usually just put it around my neck and and through the loop. Sometimes, I’ll put it on my head, but that’s about it! I love scarfs just because they add a pop of color and they’re fun when you don’t want to totally dress up your outfit when you’re lazy.

  121. Kelly Barnes says:

    I love staple necklaces and shoes!
    youtube: irav82

  122. Michelle says:

    I feel like a good purse/handbag can really change an outfit. Depending on if it’s neutral, or really bright, it makes the outfit look differently put together.
    youtube user: musi109

  123. Mckenna says:

    My favorite accessory is my bright lipstick! perfectnailz88

  124. Tamara says:

    I have this long black big bead necklace I love to add to my work outfits. Really brings em to life and a bit more fun. Also I like to wear headbands when I can they are really cute! and lipgloss!


  125. Blanca Arana says:

    my statement accesory…rings&bracelets! youtube name:BSAC81

  126. abcegc says:

    I like scarves b/c they’re functional and fashionable. I like to use it the regular way and also attach it to my bag. YT = abcegc

  127. Andriana says:

    Depending on weather conditions I would usually go for a long silk scarf. I will either wrap it around my neck, or create a nice knot or bow. Otherwise, I can wear it on my hair or my handbag!
    youtube: LukumADAki

  128. BelleB says:

    i love wearing big rings :) i’d love to wear scarves and jackets but our weather here would only permit me to wear shirts and tanks. :) love accessorizing with belts and big rings though. youtube- candycoatedpaw

  129. Rachel Hager says:

    I already posted, but I left out my youtube name!
    Rachel Hager Youtube: 101raylee

    “My everyday piece is black leggings. You can style them up or down.

    Business Casual: White collared button up with a black peacoat, statement necklace, simple black heels, a kick-ass red lipstick and of course, leggings!

    Edgy Look: White tank with a studded jean jacket, spiked metal bracelets, combat boots, cross body black purse and leggings!

    Bum day! Throw on an oversized neutral sweater that hangs off one shoulder, add a chunky infinity scarf, some flats, a messy bun, and leggings!

    They are super comfy, and I wear leggings everyday!”

  130. gosia says:

    yt name : goss duda

  131. an accesory that i wear 3 ways is a necklace. A necklace can be worn as is, also put it on a clutch to create a handle, also it can be worn as a boho headband :) youtube username alejandra tarula

  132. lovingthesun says:

    i love rings :) xx

    youtube name: xxwikixx011

  133. maria salo says:

    I love bow hair bands ♥♥♥
    YouTube name: maria salonen

  134. Cara says:

    thanks for this giveaway! i wear small silver rings daily, so its fun to wear a bolder ring with a coordinating nail polish. i find that this makes me look really put together.
    if i want to go for sweeter look, i wear headbands, this makes it look like you put effort into your hair without even trying!
    youtube name: CaraMiaGreco

  135. ashbet75 says:

    i love to wear a nice charm bracelet, like my pandora one! It really makes any look more feminine and classy. :)

  136. abcegc says:

    My cousin gave me the most beautiful bracelet so it’s very sentimental to me. YT = abcegc

  137. I love bracelet I have a ton different colors and rings to, auroramendoza77

  138. Breanna Wong says:

    i love rings! they’re easy to put on and they match everything.
    YT username: Breanna Wong

  139. says:

    My favorite accessory would have to a scarf. I love ones with detailed patterns and I style mine by knotting them, so cute! Thanks for the opportunity! :)
    YouTube Username: candi kay

  140. my favorite piece would have to be my jewlery. necklaces and earings. mix and match for the perfect look – caraalisa

  141.' LyricJackson says:


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