• Hautefrugalista

    I love Rachel Roy! Not only is she super talented but also has a great personality. ivw see a couple of interviews and shes always super poised. Those lock earribgs are tdf!!

  • Yamari Lesca

    Toni, she’s also one of my faves! I absolutely adore her accessories and everytime I walk into her section at Macy’s I want to buy all of it.

    I had no idea she was married to Damon Dash. Thanks for doing a spotlight on her. You should tweet her this post if you haven’t already done so!

    • http://www.GirlsBestFriendandcoBlog.com/ GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Oh girl they are divorced now. They have two kids, Damon has had some financial issues. But yes, they WERE married. Yes, you can find it at Macy. What I do is I try it on at Macy’s then I wait to her website has a sale then I buy. I brought the Sarah dress, the Jamaica dress, the Jamaica jumpsuit and the the wing door knocker earrings. She always have good sales, you just have to wait.

  • http://www.Beauty-Flawed.blogspot.com/ Ashley

    I haven’t ever heard of this designer before but I am originally from Michigan so that could be why. Looking at her pieces I think you are spot on with the comparison all her stuff is fun yet grown up at the same time.

  • http://www.queeninheels.com/ Sharon

    I like Rachel Roy. The woman (from what I have read about her) and the designer. A great example to all women and especially those of color.

  • Avaklein80

    Rachel Roys clothes are so cute! Thanks for the info about the friends and family. I saw two dressed that I like!

  • http://fashionbyalicia.blogspot.com Fashion By Alicia

    She has such great pieces! Great spotlight!

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