Developing Your Personal Style

Developing Your Personal Style


A very important element of fashion is self expression. We all want to express our indivituality. It is easy to be “you” when you look like “you”! We give out a message about who we are by the choices of clothes we wear, and the way we wear our makeup and hair.

Our clients at Girls Best Friend and Co often say, ” I like who I am, just as I am” We ask,do people see who you are when you walk into a room? Letting others see who you are takes a little thought and more effort. You are a unique spirit, we begin to define personal style by image profiling.

Are you a Classic, Casual, Romantic, Dramatic, Innovative, Alluring or a combination?

The Classic is timeless, always appropriate and in good taste. The hair of the classic stands the test of time. The makeup is understated and balanced. Clothing choices are tailored, smart but stylish. Neutral such as black, taupe, navy and gray is appealing. Always tasteful accessories, never mixing metals or ultralarge piece.

The perception of the “Classic” is in control and on top of things. She is calm in public with the appearance that she has it all together. Highly organized people often look to the classic for advice.  Sophisticated, timeless and elegant, a classic is always in fashion and should have few worries about aging gracefully, for it is the “classic type” who does it gracefully.  Like everything else she sets her mind to, she does it amazingly well.


The Casual is relaxed comfortable and hassle free. Casuals are seen as practical, energetic and fun to be around. Her hair is simple and no-nonsense. The Casual’s makeup is usually minimal with a soft natural lip.The Casual wears natural colors with flat smooth textures. Her fabric choices are usually wrinkle free, wash and wear which require little fuss. Like the classic the accessories tend to be simple and small. A pair of hoops, a set of pearls or some special ring. 
The Romantic is feminine, soft and demure. Sweet and pretty are words people use to describe the Romantic. She loves Victorian anything. Flowing and beautiful clothes appeal to the Romantic. Her hair is long and flowing or pulled into an updo. She has been known for braids, ponytails and pretty hair accessories.

The Romantic makeup is soft with radiant and rosy glow. Pale mauves, pinks or peach blush and eyeshadow.

She loves dresses over slacks. The Romantic clothes often have a “little girl” feel, with soft, sheer fabrics, lace, bows and hight Victorian necklines. I put many of my romantic clients in “Free People” clothing. Her accessories are pearls, antique flower pins and Victorian broaches.

The Romantic power is in her femininity and sweetness. Men are drawn to her because they feel more masculine when they are with her.








The Dramatic likes the attention of the spotlight. She has a knack for being distinctive and striking. She prefers to have her own look. Her hairstyle makes a statement. People often compliment her hair because she has taken the time to learn how to do it just right. Her makeup is dramatic with a focus on the eyes.  She defines the  eyes precisely with black or dark brown and are comfortable with several coats of mascara. The more, the better.

Dramatics are experts at taking a black turtleneck and slacks and creating a myriad of costumes with scarves, accessories, hats, shawls, dusters and jackets. She is drawn to asymmetrical lines and express join in having a signature look or accessory. The dramatic collects interesting accessoires and keeps them for just the right outfit. Antique earrings, a beautiful oriental shawl or a fabulous off color pair of shoes you know just will work with the perfect outfit.

People wish to emulate the Dramatic. But it is a rare type for the work it takes to uphold. To the Dramatic being unique is worth the effort.






The Innovative is artsy or atypical.  The Innovative is a women of unique style that is completely her own. When it comes to her hair, anything as offbeat as possible suits her whimsical approach:short and spiky with orange and fuchsia streeks: asymmetrical, highly textured and bleached to platinum:black, blunt and Egyptian; brilliant red and cropped into a  boy cut or long and frizzy.

The Innovative is always experiementing with makeup looks. Dramatic looks for the eyes and are draw to the most unusual lip and nail colors. Accessories intrigue the Innovative. Innovatives find odd things and add them to a look after the fact. Hip belts, boots, scarves and fun earrings are her trademark.

To sum it up the Innovative is “just who she is” and no one else. She has fun with life and with her look. She is happiest being creative and offbeat, and people love to see what she will do next.




The Alluring is all women. The  Alluring is about being sexy. Gitzy fabrics, vibrant colors, high sexy heals are fitted jeans, sheer blouses and sexy boots-your look is about being a women. You want to keep your body looking as good as possible.

The Alluring prefers hair long and tousled. In the matters of makeup, she is very generous. She like glossy, soft lips and frosted, alluring eyes. More is better. Her clothes are shaped to her body. Revealing necklines and short hem length, along with fluid, clingy knits, silk and satin.

All in all she is an exciting women to be around. Men are drawn to her. Women are less approving, which si fine with her because she prefer the company of men, anyway.




You may discovered that you fit into more than one image profile. The second image profile is called the shadow image. The goal is to identify and simplify, to home in on your core image. Embrace it, define it and if you like, season it with a bit of your shadow image for interest. You may even have two shadow images. just remember, the goal is to focus on what truly defines you.



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13 Replies to Developing Your Personal Style

  1. Ashley says:

    Great post! I find I like pretty much everything as long as it fits in the right places no matter what the style.

    • I can totally appreciate that Ashley but we special is tailoring the wardrobe to fit our clients and their lifestyle. We also believe it is important for women to express themselves and be understood. If you ever need any suggestion please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  2. I love how you show the different styles Toni! I just like what looks good and makes me feel good…I guess it all depends on the day of course ;-)

  3. Dacy what image would describe you? Or what would you like to be? Maybe we can do a video transitioning you to that girl you would like to be?

    • Dacy Pie says:

      I’ve been trying to go more sweet & frilly because that’s how I feel. Dresses, pink, & flowers are my favorite things right now. My mom mentioned going to a thrift store this week, so I’m going to try and get her to take me. I want a style where people will see me and think “Wow, that girl is so cute.”

  4. Oh I love that idea of classic alluring, that means you are sexy classy!! Love it. A sexy khaki style fitted Ralph Lauren skirt, an oxford with spandex to emphasis your feminity. You know when i worked in corporate I was classic alluring because I worked in banking. But the other side of me is dramatic innovative… Yeah!!

  5. Jai Marshall says:

    This is a really interesting post. I guess I would say that my style would be innovative. I am always experimenting and trying new things. I always like things that are different. You asked about my Twitter profile pic. I am wearing a dress from ASOS that has these really cool zig zags on it and a blazer from who knows wear. I can’t even remember.

  6. Holly says:

    When I started reading this post I had no idea what “style” was mine. Thanks for putting pictures in there to clear up my confusion! Now I know that I fit very nicely into the casual style, or as my fiance has put it “frumpy-comfortable-hipster.”

    • I love it! So casual meaning your love comfort, then hipster the shadow profile innovative. Although you would like to be comfortable you would like some flair. I appreciate you commenting on the pictures. When I do an assessment for my client I asked them to go through magazines to give me examples of the look they like to portray. How we dress really says a lot about who we are. I truly believe it improve a women quality of life when she project who she is through being well dress.

  7. Sharon says:

    I am eclectic . . . my closet is a mixture of all these styles. Just depends on which personality decides to make an appearance. Ha!

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