Eat Pray Love... How to find happiness and what you really really want.

Eat Pray Love… How to find happiness and what you really really want.



On Sunday’s I spend a good part of the day watching the OWN Network. This past Sunday there was an Oprah Winfrey Show episode where Oprah interviewed Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of “Eat Pray Love”

“Eat Pray Love” a spiritual and personal exploration. I believe it is important to us as women to know who were are, and express who we are as women. GBF&Co is a fashion business who’s focus is understanding who we are and expressing who we are. On the Oprah Show Elizabeth Gilbert shared her daily ritual of asking herself three insightful questions. 

The first question is 1. What do you REALLY REALLY REALLY want? Elizabeth says it is important to say REALLY three times or you won’t believe it. 2. What was your happiest moment of the day?  The happiest moment is like keep track of what you are grateful for that day. We can all share what was our worst moment. The mind tends to focus on what is negative or bad, we have to consciously focus on what is good. 3. Change your mantra. What you repeat in your head, is your mantra rather you realize it our not. For me, I am having a horrible time with my back. As I write, my eyes tear up. I know in order to overcome it, I have to focus on what is good. When I have daily struggles with back pain, it is hard for me to think others thoughts. So I need to refine my mantra.  I will Change My Mantra and share it with you daily! I hope this steps will lead to an improved quality of life. 

I plan to use this post to answer these question daily. I hope some of you will join me. I would like this space to be a place where we can share who we are and what we want. Please come share your thoughts, wants and desires.

My only request is that you stay positive and reframe from any negative comments or critical observation. I would like for this to be a safe place to come, where women are willing and able to support others. Life gives to the giver and takes from the taker.

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21 Replies to Eat Pray Love… How to find happiness and what you really really want.

  1. StyleCartel says:

    Great post as women we often forget we need to take care of the mind, body and soul. I totally need this today. x

  2. Ruthceesay says:

    i love this post my goal is to go back to school.i feel like i want to learn and be a better me when i think about my goal it gives me a feeling of self worth.

  3. Sharon says:

    I am currently reviewing and reevaluating everything from blogging goals to life goals. I was having a negative outlook on my life because currently I am going through a few things however, I realized I need to change my thinking and turn my situation around and giving up is not an option.

    • Thank for sharing that Sharon. I too am having some challenges. Women like you and I push push and push. Then when we break we feel like we are weak but we are not Sharon we are human. It’s so important to me that we come together as women and girlfriends. When someone is in your corner it makes hard times more bearable. Yes, for me failure isn’t an option. Sometimes the idea of that scares the **** out of me. I am rooting for you honey. I would encourage to try this exercise.

  4. What I REALLY REALLY REALLY want is to build a brand that empowers, enlightens and motivate todays women. My happiest moment yesterday was having a talk with my daughter and another teen girl about abstinence. I am aways playing in my head how I haven’t lived up to my goals. My mantra will be to celebrate each day of my success.

  5. What I really really want is to become better organized, and implement my plans that I create. My happiest moment today was when uploaded my Fashion Critique logo on the screen of my new Ipad. My mantra today was good, tomorrow will be better.

  6. Today what I really really want is to teach myself to not look for approval or acceptance from those who negatively judge me. The happiest moment was viewing my photo of my son that I created while working on a project for my photography class. My mantra Girls Best Friend and Co will become a brand that is recognized for its contribution to improving the lives of todays women.

  7. Ruthceesay says:

    what i want today is to enjoy my time with my family.this is my happy moment being with my nieces and mantra is im going to be successful in school.

  8. Courtnee Davis says:

    Great post! I should start doing this.

  9. What I really really want is to improve my organizational skills. My best moment was when I read my son’s tweet bragging about his mommy. My mantra is I will become better and better.

  10. What I really really want is to be able to work out regularly without my back enabling me. My happiest moment was when I completed a clients LOok Book today. My mantra I will become better and better!

  11. I really really want my business to grow. I want my services and partnering projects to blossom. My happiness moment was when my friend Holly commented on my post about Fashion and Brain Chemistry. My Mantra is to think the best of people, not the worst of people.

  12. I never thought to emphasize really 3x when asking myself what it is that I want button doing so, I believe you will prioritize a lot better.

  13. Changing the way I think is always difficult for me, living with mental illness that affects my self-talk and essentially how I view myself and my world. Thinking about the happiest moment of the day, every day, is a great exercise that I definitely plan on incorporating into my life.

    I too have been evaluating my life, what I do, and realizing what my goals are and how to accomplish them.

    What I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want is to be a successful writer, creatively. To spend less time on writing that merely pays the bills that doesn’t fuel my soul and to put more effort into my creative spirit.

    • Thanks Holly for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I hope some else who can relate reads your comment. I know you are intelligent but like me you are extremely “feeling”. You have to surround yourself with positive people Holly. I know in this day and age it is extremely hard. But there are positive to people who will encourage and support you. I think this is a great exercise. How about writing a book?

      • Writing a book has been my dream since I was in high school and took a creative writing class. In fact, I took the class for two years just because I liked it so much and am Facebook friends with the teacher who taught that class. I would love to write a book, but I run into this problem where I keep second-guessing my work and my abilities, and I also have too many ideas that I always inevitably talk myself out of. It’s a problem.

        • LOL, you are like me all of the place. But address the task like you would one of your post. Create an outline of steps to live your dream. Regarding ideas, Holly just choose oneTthen when you finish the first book, choose a second topic and do it all over again. Then you will be living your dream as a book writer. You are a pretty good writer. I wish I was as good as you, my ADD prevents me from being a great writer like yourself. Good luck my dear. BTW what is going on with the wedding? Are there pictures?

  14. Ann says:

    What I really really want is to find happiness!

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