Emotional Vs Physical Cheating

Emotional Vs Physical Cheating


Many times the topic of cheating seems so concrete to a lot of folks, cheating relatively means that someone in a relationship committed an infidelity to their partner, but in reality, there’s more than one way of cheating. I’m going to break down cheating into two different ways, physical, and emotional… which pretty much covers all grounds of cheating because everything false under either category.  With that being said, men are more inclined to respond to a woman physically cheating, than emotionally, and women are more inclined to respond to emotionally cheating more than physically. I mean, either way is bad in my eyes, I personally will not tolerate either type of cheating. But let me explain why this happens…

First off, with a man…when his woman physically cheats on him, it is far more painful than if she just had intimate conversations with other men and this is because men usually and almost always relate to everything in a physical way first.  They are protective by nature of what is theirs, and usually respond when they see anyone trying to PHYSICALLY threaten their place in your life.  When a woman gives herself to her man, a man feel’s like that is now HIS, which in most cases, it should be that way, he made HER commit in HIS way (physical), so if she was to cheat on him and give herself to another man, of course he’s going to react far worse than her just having an intimate conversation with someone, especially if it leads to nothing.

We as women are wired way different, a woman emotionally commits to a man first, so therefor if she feels that a man is having an emotional commitment to another woman besides her, she feels cheated on.  Women are more inclined to forgive a one night stand because she knows that is all it was to him, now, share your intimate secrets, stories, etc. with another woman? Watch out… you might as well have slept with her too because either way, hell is about to break loose.

Now, with the internet magnifying and exposing you to temptations that were never available before, things for both men and women can get really bad.  Both genders are now receiving way more attention, and guess what? Most of the times, they enjoy it; usually it is one out of the two of you, which of course, causes problems.  I recently got out of a relationship where this was a problem, it bugged me that he said any “innocent” yet suggestive thing to a woman, and it upset him if any man looked at me, or gave me a compliment or even was hanging around me. But of course, we both dismissed accusations with “it’s not like I am sleeping with this person”, which is the universal sign of “cheating”, but like I said, it is way deeper than that.

Emotional cheating is about sharing the depths of what make you, you. Feelings, thoughts, fantasies, etc… those should be shared with your woman, and your woman only. Women are emotional creatures, so emotional intimacy is what we seek the most, not physical. Now men on the other hand think that a woman’s body should be ONLY for her man…and if he ever felt that she was calling attention to herself by showing it off, and then he’d get upset. Which is ironic because women love to look good for their man, in private and in public, but a lot of men think they are doing it to get attention from others. It takes a really secure man to be able to handle a desirable woman, and not hide her. Meanwhile, women, we don’t want our man talking to any woman besides us… if it was up to us, he wouldn’t have a cell phone with anything but our number and his mother’s number, or the women in his family. We could care less that other women look at him though, just do not interact with him. See how opposite we are from each other? Men truly are from Mars, and women from Venus.

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7 Replies to Emotional Vs Physical Cheating

  1. I totally agree with all of this. Women are more likely to forgive infidelity than Men. I honestly believe that emotional cheating is worse than physical cheating.

  2. Sharon says:

    Emotional cheating and physical cheating are both bad. It gives a part of yourself to another person who is not your mate.
    I do not have time for any cheating . . .want someone else go be with someone else. With HIV/AIDS and other STD’s out there it would be extremely hard for me to forgive physical cheating. Also, as a very sexual being, I know that I need a man who can meet my needs. I most likely would leave the relationship than cheat. I actually left my marriage of 10 years (for many other reasons) because I didn’t want to cheat on him. For me, that was the best decision I made.

    • I totally agree with you. This post was also written by a staff writer. I primarily do the fashion post. But regarding the subject, I have a hard time understanding these types of relationships. I am very big on loyalty. My husband knows that type of behavior would crush me.

    • tonigib468@gmail.com' Venus says:

      I agree, I can’t deal with either, but there is a noticiable difference between the two, and women and men respond differently to both types. I feel that if you have the need to cheat, or to put yourself into situations where the outcome might be cheating…then you arent taking your partner that serious. And maybe the better choice is to leave.

  3. I just read this on bloglovin’ I’m not a fan of any kind of cheating…period! Emotional cheating is worse for women, but I’d rather be with someone that is faithful in all aspects.

  4. sterling323@gmail.com' Mars_Celestral says:

    To give a male perspective on physical vs emotional cheating, I would definitely be inclined to agree with @prettygirlrocksdress statement on how it would be easier for a woman to forgive a mans infidelity opposed to a Man forgiving a womans.This is because the male ego is very fragile, but not only that men can physically cheat with another woman and not have that emotional attachment. When on the other hand more often then not if a woman does cheat its not because of something physical, she cheats because she feels like she is lacking something emotional out of the relationship. So knowing that our woman is going elsewhere seeking emotional reward ways heavy on our pysche.

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