Fashion Therapy

Fashion Therapy


Retail therapy is defined as, “shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition”. What about dressing with that same purpose? It’s been proven that when you look good you feel good. Tailoring your wardrobe to bring out the best you possible is fashion therapy. Dressing with purpose instead of just throwing on any old thing is key. Tapping into your own brand of personal style can bring out the real you and shed light on aspects of your personality and character that you didn’t even know were there.

When you wake up in the morning, hold onto happy and positive feelings and allow your clothing choices to mirror them. When you are satisfied with your look, you will feel confident all day. It is more than just confidence. When you are happy with your appearance, your entire brain chemistry changes. Some people enter the process of dressing with no real intention. Putting on clothes seems like pure necessity, but there are reasons you choose what you do. Colors signify moods and patterns represent dispositions. Select your ensembles with this in mind.

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Stock your wardrobe with clothing that has a point. Does the color speak to you? Are the sleek lines appealing? Can you envision making an outfit out of it? Make smart choices when shopping as opposed to always picking things based on price or practicality. Your closet and overall mood will improve because of it. It’s ideal to save money, but you can’t put a price on feeling great. Utilize fashion therapy to make buying, dressing, and accessorizing decisions. Open your closet with the goal to create something fabulous and inimitable and you will become just that.

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23 Replies to Fashion Therapy

  1. createthatoutfit says:

    I love the message in this post! You are so right. Our clothes are so reflective of us. They are created by our mood, and can totally reflect our mood. I actually get excited to put together outfits. I always try to purchase clothes that make me happy and reflect who I am.

  2. Jamie says:

    Very true. I have a certain style when it comes to my clothes and if certain clothes don’t fit it its hard to convince myself otherwise.

  3. tori says:

    So true!! my username is xoxomgitsme :)

  4. I’ve always looked at all types of fashion as a way for people in general to fool and feel better about themselves. Fashion is such an influencial thing in society.

  5. i forgot to put my youtube name at the end of my post. @BlasianPeach

  6. hellzap0ppin says:

    agreed =)

  7. Sheica says:

    I truly agree with the post. I dont think a lot of people recognize what their outfits say about them and how it can reflect their character. Many people should take a look in their wardrobe and see how their clothing reflects their personalities.-Sheica Garvey :)

  8. Jewell Davis says:

    I love fashion. it always boost my mood. my yt name is jewell davis

  9. Madalyn Hinz says:

    honestly love this. totally agree. youtube username: forevermadalyn

  10. AlexisGrace says:

    This is really amazing advice. For me it is so important to get dressed with a purpose each day. When I was pregnant and on bed rest I never got dressed. And after I had my baby it was easy to fall into that pattern on days I knew I’d be hanging at home. However, I’ve since started making sure to wear an outfit every day. It not only has a positive impact on my mental state, but also helps me to be more productive in other areas!

  11. Haley Howard says:

    This really helped me.

  12. jess says:

    Helps me be more confident! – simplyjessica22

  13. cintia guerrero says:

    Thanks for the advice sincerely cintia guerrero

  14. I feel the article is true. I feel the way we dress is our own sense of style and it represents us to making sure to dress well makes it easier to have the confidence to succeed at whatever we do! (I couldn’t upload my pic :()

  15. Viviana says:

    I definitely agree! Youtube Username: viviana Idalie

  16. Ambreen Rouf says:

    This is a very helping article. Youtube username mamakijaangugu.

  17. Lavonya says:

    I definitely think that retail therapy is fun as long as you don’t go broke. The article makes good points. YouTube name Lavonya Joseph

  18. cintia guerrero says:

    i cant stop reading this article, i love it!(: youtube username cintia guerrero

  19. disqus_7a1q6IZ20w says:

    I think this is true the way I dress is me! and it shows the real me ! This article is so helpful thank you username: Milly Henry

  20. Love this page, so happy I found it. I love shopping, its not only fun but for me its a pick me up, and at times therapeutic. ( YouTube username: TcakesBrownBeauty )

  21. I get so stressed out when I try to figure out what I want my style to be. I never realized how colors and style could determine how you are feeling! I’m really trying to widen my selection and change things up, such as making my own DIY’s! It’s what I’m most excited for this Spring/Summer. Thanks for this article, it really made me think about what my style means!
    Youtube username : Kikikyraa

  22. Thank you so.. much for the wonderful Urban Decay gift I won. I just received it in the mail today, and couldn’t wait to open it lol.. (YouTube username: TcakesBrownBeauty)

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