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Girls Best Friend and Co‘s mission is to inspire every women to put a special effort in her appearance. We believe that fashion and beauty is a form of self-expression. As women we have an enate need to share who we are with the world. Fashion and Beauty allows us to showcase to the world who we are. A Girls Best Friend Beauty is a young lady who exemplifies our philosophy.

Yet again we found another young lady who represents our core philosophy, Sierra Husk. Sierra Husk is a Youtuber who shares her talents and techniques via her channel TheBeautyCreationz

Here is Sierra’s inspiring faith filled bio that I love!

Hi. My name is Sierra. I am aspiring makeup artist/fashion guru! I am a very loving and bubbly person. I love helping anyone and everyone. I love traveling and discovering what the world has to offer. Which I hope one day to continue to discover more. I love everything and anything the beauty world offers. Beauty to me is more than just materialistic things. Beauty first starts from the inside then helps reflect your outside. Its a way for women to create,sculpt, and make art with just simple fabric or tools. It’s a way to empower women, make them feel better about themselves. I know that I am young and not much experience. But from all the positive feedback and comments I receive through out my life. No matter if it’s just people when I am in the store, to school, to side jobs and just when I am making videos. I think is just a little boost that helps me create the gift that God has blessed me with! I give thanks to God for my talent than I do to myself or anyone else. I love beauty for the reason behind it. I love the feeling and smiles it brings to women. Just simple eye makeup and some powder can change the confidence in women. Beauty comes in all different colors,shapes, & sizes!

I have high hopes for my future. As of right now I am doing side jobs for free. I don’t care because the women’s reactions I receive can not amount to any money! I soon plan to enroll in Cosmetology. Then get my degree in Fashion Merchandising/Marketing. Later on get my degree in business management. I dream/hope to one day have my own bridal salon and bridal lines. To eventually branch out into my own jewelry line as well. As well travel the world and experience the culture. I would also love to continue to progress in my videos on YouTube.

Everything that I have taught myself or learned so far, I plan to continue my journey and experiences. I love learning and teaching! Which I will continue to empower women of all ages. Let them know that beauty starts with the inside before it can every matter what’s on the outside. That beauty isn’t in one shade or color or shape! I love God. I love beauty. I love people. And I love empowering. Which beauty let’s me incorporate all the things I love into one! I hope you will allow me the privilege to represent your company. 


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Sierra Husk

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17 Replies to Girls Best Friend Beauty Sierra Husk

  1. msjaelo says:

    Sierra is a perfect Girl’s Best Friend beauty, it is always nice to hear someone so passionate as Sierra. I love your confidence, and the feeling of gratitude that you get just knowing that you helped someone feel better. I love your videos too, and your style is amazing! Keep it up Sierra!-msjaelo

    • Husksierra says:

      Thank you so much! You are so sweet! It really means a lot to me! I wish you best and belated congrats as well! :)

    • You to Ms Jae! I love watching you. You inspire me as well! Such a beautiful soul inside and out! Your comment means alot to me! Look forward to meeting you one day! Thank you so much Hun! :)

  2. Heatherfonseca says:

    Aw! She’s so sweet. Wish her all the best.

  3. Erica says:

    You are so beautiful inside and out, Sierra! Keep your positive outlook and love for God. You will go far!

  4. Dacy Pie says:

    LOVE! ♥ Super love. ♥

  5. Dacy Pie says:

    I absolutely adore her views on beauty. ♥ Well, I love everything about her, actually. ♥

  6. Cj says:

    Never stop sharing your authentic beauty and style with the world! Your passion and drive will take you everywhere you want to go as long as you never forget that your dreams are worthy!

  7. Cute looks! I love the casual chic look.

  8. Ruthceesay says:

    im a big girl and im loving it.

  9. Shining Star says:

    love your style sierra!!!! Is good to know there are still some girls out there with a positive mind. keep doing what you love!!!

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