Health and Fitness Friday

Health and Fitness Friday


Summer is here! Like many of you I have a challenge being consistent with my diet and exercise. Maintaining a healthy life I believe is essential to happiness. It is unfortunate many of us don’t put our health first. Although I am aware of the benefits, I too find myself indulging in foods that are high in sugar and letting multiple days go by without exercise.

Over a year ago I began a South Beach diet series. I wasn’t very consistent with the post or the diet for that fact. When you fall of the wagon you just have to get back on. I am going to begin a Health and Fitness Friday Series. The purpose of the blog is to promote happiness and well being in women.      We are a supporter of fashion therapy. We want our ladies to look good and feel good. We look the best in our clothes when our bodies are healthy and fit.


I try to educate myself as much as possible on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As I mentioned I am a big supporter of The South Beach Diet. During different times in my life I followed the diet. During that time I was in my best body. I ate clean, after being on the diet for over 60 days I stopped craving foods high in sugar and processed foods. I am a self-proclaimed foodie. I love good food. While doing the South Beach Diet I found awesome recipes. 

I prefer not to call South Beach a diet because it is truly a lifestyle. The core of the plan is lean protein and complex carbohydrates. One of the ways that I add flavor is with cheese. Usually goat cheese, feta or blue cheese. Once you maintain this diet you will notice a change in your palette. Hence, the word eating clean. The flavor of vegetables will burst in your mouth, literally. Some of you maybe thinking I can’t imagine that… If you are a person who is indulges in foods that are high in fat and sugar I realize it’s hard for you to phantom truly enjoying a healthy clean meal. I have been on both sides of the fence.

Like many women, I am an emotional eater. I love comfort food. Rich pasta’s dishes and desserts. Like I said, because I have been on both sides I can truly tell you the difference. When I am indulging in poor eating habits, it becomes like an addiction. The more sugar-enriched foods I eat the more I crave. Same with foods, which are high in fat. It is a scientific reasoning behind why we become addicted to these foods.


Sigh… This was to be an introduction, but of course I am long winded. Please check out Health and Fitness Fridays. If you are already fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle please comment and inspire us who are having challenges. When I fall off the wagon I have to pick myself back up. But I know it would make it easier if I had some support. I am going to look to you my friend to help me on this journey.



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One Reply to Health and Fitness Friday

  1. Tamika D. says:

    It’s always good to get back on the wagon when you fall off. It doesn’t matter how many times you try. What matters is that you dust yourself off and make it happen!

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