How Fashion Influence Brain Chemistry

How Fashion Influences Brain Chemistry


Fashion Therapy is defined as the act, or hobby that relieves tension. Also known to produce effervescent feelings. I have been a strong proponent of Fashion Therapy as a means to improve the quality of a woman’s life. The mission of Girls Best Friend and Co is to educate women about the benefits of being well dressed as it relates to women’s health. This may sound a bit cooky. I have literally witnessed measurable changes in women’s lives for the better when they implement a focus on fashion and their appearance.

My theory was further demonstrated when I watched a “Best of Oprah” episode on the OWN network.  Sundays you can catch me tuned into Super Soul Sunday’s on the OWN network.  This past Sunday she aired a throw back episode of an interview with Deepak Chopra. The interview was about his book “Ageless Body Timeless Mind“. The book  discusses  the power of the mind in relationship to the body. How our thoughts create chemicals and influence our feelings and our health. The theory of Fashion Therapy is demonstrated when you view the video. Please just take a moment to view the first four minutes of the tape. Oprah speaks 3.29 minutes into the video about how feeling “cute” creates these happy molecules in the body. Click here to see the tape.  When I saw this video I jumped up! I yelled, “YES” My Fashion Therapy theory. It is well known that being well dressed creates confidence, but I have contended for years, it’s much more than just confidence. I have observed how the changing of a woman’s wardrobe greatly improved the dynamics of the entire family structure.

We have a large variation of clients at GBF&Co. Although, we seek out those women who shun fashion. You know, the ones we spoke about who thought fashion was anti-intellectual. I have had the pleasure  of acquiring clients with this belief. When I’ve dressed these women, their first look in the mirror ,was like it was their first time that they “really” saw themselves. Each time I say those words, my eyes tear up. These women see themselves as pretty, fashionable, sexy and sometimes even glamourous. Some intellectuals may think it is shallow or vain. It is neither, it’s science, it is how our brains are wired. We love things that our pleasant to the eye. It is appealing to the soul. Being well dressed create all the chemical that Dr. Deepak Chopra speaks about in the interview.

Just imagine how something as simple as a nicely tailored jacket or a flowing white blouse can create happiness. There are many challenges in the world but to think that you can create happiness or bliss with how you clothe yourself. It’s that simple.

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181 Replies to How Fashion Influences Brain Chemistry

  1. Couture Carrie says:

    I totally agree! Fashion affects my mood in a positive way on a daily basis!


  2. Holly (Woman Tribune) says:

    I have only just recently become more interested in fashion. In high school, I wore the same pajamas I slept in the night before to class and never thought twice about it. At 18, I was working from home full-time and again, wore pajamas more than anything else, especially since I was working in front of a computer all day in the comfort of my own home and hardly saw the point in getting dressed. However, when I started waking up in the morning, immediately taking a shower, doing my hair and makeup, and actually getting dressed prior to sitting in front of my computer to begin my workday, I noticed that I was so much better prepared to work. I was at ease, motivated, and I accomplished so much more. Then I started experimenting with different styles of fashion, finding out what my body type looked best in, and taking risks. It was the taking risks aspect of fashion that excited me. It’s unpredictable, wild, and there’s something to match my every mood and whim. Whatever I felt like on the inside, I could portray on the outside, and what was on the outside started to change my inside for the better. This is an excellent post!

    • Girl I love you!! I can’t tell you how your words inspire me. First I know that you are an intellectual and in high school it probably felt pointless and shallow. Whatever influenced you to make the change sparked something. It is like it inspire the right brain. It’s not about judging it is more about perceiving… All of what you described I too experienced. I actually telecommunited in a bank position. A girlfriend and I would brag about keeping our PJ on in the beginning. Then we had a team conference call, another team member gave their best practice about being dressed and prepared by 7:30am. This was one of the high producers. What she said made sense. Thank you so much. I can’t tell you what your approval means to me.

  3. I agree! Even when i see your pictures on your blog it fills by heart because I see that you are in bliss. We live a better life when we are happy. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  4. Candace Belle says:

    Its funny I watched this on Sunday as well ( had to tape it because it was so deep!) and in all truth it does ring to a fact!

  5. Is true! theres a lot of people who live unhappy because of their physical insecurities and low self-esteem, and once they see that they can look beautiful is a life changing moment for them!

  6. Yes, i can tell. You looks so content in your post. It always brings a smile to my face.

  7. Fashion does make me happy, so, I believe in all that’s being said. Yay for stellar fashion/fun!

  8. Yamari Lesca says:

    I really enjoyed this article. I have to agree with Holly there’s something about starting your day off looking and feeling great about yourself that can turn that whole day into a positive and great experience. A lot of people out there have the misconception that fashion is silly and they couldn’t be further from the truth. Fashion was one of the few industries that wasn’t affected by the recession. And in turn designers have created secondary fashion lines to make their high end duds affordable to the masses. Isn’t that a supply and demand thing? There’s a reason that fashion is a multi billionaire industry and the reason is that fashion matters!

  9. GREAT ARTICLE. Looking GOOD & Feeling Good goes hand in hand. When someone is feeling great they look great! When people are down it shows up in their appearance. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. I really agree. This article is very good and many people can relate. p.s. prize 1 for giveaway

  11. AbsolutelyTrue says:

    I recently lost 75 pounds and aside from feeling and looking better, a whole new world opened up to me with fashion and cosmetics and it has truly changed who I am.

    I could have worn makeup and nice (big girl) clothes when I was heavy, but I didn’t feel good enough about myself to put any effort into my look. I wore jeans or pj pants and big, roomy t-shirts most of the time. Going out was an ordeal because I didn’t have any nice clothes and felt like a clown trying to fix myself up so I wouldn’t be embarrassed for people to see me. I didn’t want to be seen, so I stayed home most of the time. I was ashamed of myself for years.

    I felt so bad about myself that I would not look in a mirror except to do basic grooming and hygiene stuff. Brush teeth, brush hair and get away from the mirror as quickly as possible. I didn’t own a full length mirror. That would have been too painful.

    Now when I put on clothes, I can look at how they fit and be happy about how I look, rather than just putting on anything that happens to fit. It really was an unexpected bonus of losing weight. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to wear cute clothes, so I didn’t really have an interest in fashion. Now I’m a real girly girl and love clothes, shoes and makeup. It is really fun defining my look with special pieces.

    I got here from Navygirlist’s video on YouTube. My username is gnomey777.

  12. amber bradley says:

    when i feel that i look good i feel good. If i have my favorite makeup items on i go into a day with a better attitude and a smile. It doesnt matter if its a cold rainy day or a hot summer day, if my face is made im happy. and it can be something as simple as just putting on a little eyeliner.

  13. Fashion encourages my confidence and makes me feel like a completely different person. When I feel I look good, I can walk around and be bubbly, excited, and just overall happy. The concept of fashion is typically labeled simply as “looking pretty”. However, it is much more than that. Fashion can lead to new friendships between people. For example, my best friend and I love matching new outfits and going shopping. Fashion is a big part of my life and the entire concept changed me dramatically. Great article!

  14. amber bradley says:

    my youtube username is melanaamber1

  15. Olympia File says:

    Fashion is self-expression!! it is freedom

  16. lareessa says:

    I dedicate myself to feel more beautiful, had a great effect on my self esteem! Into me much better and confident!

    Youtube user: lareessa1

  17. I have found that fashion has influence me on loving more of who I am and finding my style. I can express myself with makeup and fashion and that is a very healthy thing to do!

  18. I completely agree!! I feel as though if your not feeling what your wearing on any particular day it can totally ruin your day and make you alot less confident which would make any one feel/have like a crap day!

  19. I completely agree!! I feel as though if your not feeling what your wearing on any particular day it can totally ruin your day and make you alot less confident which would make any one feel/have like a crap day!! YouTube:Tiffany Fagone

  20. Mia B Kaplan says:

    i always had a very low self esteem and when i started to get in to fashion make up and every thing i gained what i didn’t have and found that it is a hobby of mine:)
    youtube: mia kaplan

  21. K. Denee' says:

    To me, what I wear makes me feel a certain way. Some days I feel confident if I am wearing something that is me. Other days, I feel not so confident if I just threw on something. Same with makeup. Fashion and beauty have really helped my self esteem. People call it ‘fake beauty.’ I believe that if something makes you feel good and better about yourself then you should do it. No matter what anyone says. I love this article. Youtube: OnTheCoolTV

  22. Tiarra Monae' says:

    Fashion Plays A Big Role In My Life. First, When I Wear An OutFit I Have Such A Great Confidence In Myself! When I Hear Someone Say That They “Liked My Outfit” & That “I Looked Pretty” It Makes Me Feel Like I Did Something Right! When I Wear An OutFit It Reflects My Personality And Who I Am. When I Wear Bright Colors It Reflects My Bright And Bubbly Side And When I Wear Sequins And Jewels It Reflects My Sparkly Side. Complimenting Someone On Their Outfit Can Really Make Their Day Because They May Feel Like No One Noticed Them But The Fact That At least One Person Did Makes It Worth The While. For A While I Wasn’t Confident In Myself And I Wasn’t Feeling My Outfits But Once I Realized That It Wasn’t The Outfits And That It Was The Person IN THEM I Started To Smile More & Have Confidence In Myself. I’ve Learned That You Can Take A Plain Look From Zero To 60 Just With A Simple Accessory! Fashion Has Taught Me So Much. It Has Taught Me To Believe In Myself, Wear The Outfit, Don’t Let It Wear You & To Just Have Fun & Be YOU, No Matter What Others Have To Say! I’ve Also Learned That You Don’t Have To Be A Runway Model! EveryWhere Is A Runway, So You Have To Walk Like All Eyes Are On You & Rock That OutFit! My YouTube Username Is: ROYALTDABADDEST16! ♥

  23. Ana Marys says:

    I feel that with fashion I can express more of who I am , and in some way I feel more confident about myself . If you dont like what your wearing that day you may feel like something is not right thats what I feel about fashiin .

  24. I feel like you can express yourself trought fashion and makeup and that can boost your confidense and self asteem

    Youtube: MissKawaiiclay

  25. Selina Villafaña says:

    I agree!!!!!how you feel in an outfit effects your modified Dont like what I’m wearing I don’t feel confident at all.If I wear an outfit that I love and fix myself up I’m like wonder women and ready to conquer the day.I find myself wanting to stay out longer than I would if I was wearing something I wasn’t comfortable in.


  26. Tiarra Monae' says:

    Fashion Plays A Big Role In My Life. First, When I Wear An OutFit I Have Such A Great Confidence In Myself! When I Hear Someone Say That They “Liked My Outfit” & That “I Looked Pretty” It Makes Me Feel Like I Did Something Right! When I Wear An OutFit It Reflects My Personality And Who I Am. When I Wear Bright Colors It Reflects My Bright And Bubbly Side And When I Wear Sequins And Jewels It Reflects My Sparkly Side. Complimenting Someone On Their Outfit Can Really Make Their Day Because They May Feel Like No One Noticed Them But The Fact That At least One Person Did Makes It Worth The While. For A While I Wasn’t Confident In Myself And I Wasn’t Feeling My Outfits But Once I Realized That It Wasn’t The Outfits And That It Was The Person IN THEM I Started To Smile More & Have Confidence In Myself. I’ve Learned That You Can Take A Plain Look From Zero To 60 Just With A Simple Accessory! Fashion Has Taught Me So Much. It Has Taught Me To Believe In Myself, Wear The Outfit, Don’t Let It Wear You & To Just Have Fun & Be YOU, No Matter What Others Have To Say! I’ve Also Learned That You Don’t Have To Be A Runway Model! EveryWhere Is A Runway, So You Have To Walk Like All Eyes Are On You & Rock That OutFit! My YouTube Username Is: ROYALTDABADDEST16! ♥

  27. I love to experiment with makeup and see how it ends out and how others react


  28. I agree what u wear and how u look on certain days does affect u and how ur day might go . It can either make or break ur day by boosting ur confidence .

  29. I am beautifully and wonderfully made. I love Fashion. Fashion is Me.

  30. Denise B says:

    I believe beauty has a positive influence because if I feel I look good I feel better and have more confidence to do things I may not have otherwise done. YouTube: Denise B

  31. Youtube username: Emailduh3 says:

    When you look good, you feel GREAT!

  32. Becca says:

    Fashion and makeup both influence me in life. To me it’s an art. Being able to express yourself by how you are feeling in that moment in time. Experimenting new trends and and finding what make you the happiest and finding yourself along the way. YT: beccaleexo

  33. Siarah Ranon says:

    Fashion and beauty have positive influence in my life because, it helps me to have fun and have the capability of doing makeup and fashion. Also it makes me proud of myself that i can accomplish something i do , which is a very fun hobby. Youtube account: Siarahrose808 :) THAnk you

  34. capricornmom79 says:

    i totally agree…fashion makes me feel good about myself…it boost myself esteem n self confidence and it does makes me feel happy ;-) . youtube: capricornmom79

  35. jessica hernandez says:

    fashion is a great way to be free without someone telling you how to look


  36. Minzy Smith says:

    I think that fashion has influenced me on finding my style and I also think I’m more confident
    Youtube: Mrssoooolame

  37. TheMirjam12 says:

    It is just a wonderfull thing. i love to put on make up, caver my acne etc. it is just soooo relaxing…

  38. Cary pm says:

    Fashion and makeup have given me a boost in confidence. I was made fun of a lot for my unique style growing up. Now, I’m glad that I wasn’t afraid to express myself.

  39. Shoshanna says:

    Fashion is my self expression!

  40. Sonya J says:

    Fashion and beauty have both influenced me in a positive way to be comfortable in my own skin, and to have fun with makeup and clothes. You can wear your personality and have fun with it :)
    My youtube username is sonyaj012

  41. Nicole Marie says:

    Fashion and beauty influences my daily life because it gives me confidence and makes me so happy! My youtube is:

  42. Brenda Penton says:

    I totally agree! I’ve lost over 100 pounds in the last year and I now look forward to shopping and wearing cosmetics. When I was overweight I just felt so depressed, I wore baggy clothes and just felt awful all the time. Now that I am slimmer I have taken on more of an interest in fashion and beauty. When I have on an outfit that I adore, I feel confident and beautiful. I feel on top of the world!

    newfiechic on Youtube.

  43. I’m surprised by how truthful this is! Indeed I’ve experienced days when one fashion “mistake” can ruin my mood or worry me all day long and how when I get some new clothes or make up and use it for the first time my confidence gets a complete boost out of it, of course I don’t rely my whole confidence on that, but I do find it really useful to just feel a tad bit better about myself, besides fashion, at least for me, it’s a chance for everyone to make a statement, even if it’s using an accessorie or some bold jeans, you’re presenting yourself to the world as who you’re and how unique you can be, I’m glad I came across this article :D youtube username: tafyta16

  44. Kristy says:

    Self-confidence, finding other girls relate to, finding out who I am/,y style, and being able to express myself is all related to fashion. =]

    Youtube: KookiBits

  45. I don’t wear make-up everyday and I NEVER wore it when I was in high school (almost 4 years ago) But I would have never learned how to put it on correctly if it weren’t for the beauty community on youtube. I have learned so many tips and tricks! My confidence has increased tremendously since I’ve learned how to dress for my age, to keep my bleached blonde hair healthy and the correct shade of blush to apply to my cheeks for my pale complexion. I don’t think make-up is what makes you more beautiful, I think it’s how it makes you feel. And make-up makes me feel like the girl I’m supposed to be. Light, natural and confident. <3

  46. hellzap0ppin says:

    i like looking good…it makes me feels good…nuff said, right? lol….youtube name: hellzap0ppin (sorry for the double posts, youtube was being glitchy)

  47. I really believe it does affect our whole outlook. Sometimes a cute outfit, perfume or makeup can really make me feel happier or more confident. It is like my little “face the world” daily ritual. Even if I wake up with a serious case of the blas when I turn on my music and start getting ready for the day it totally peps me up. rachel272007 or Rachel Harville on youtube.

  48. Hannah B says:

    Fashion has made a positive influence on me expressing myself! I’m really shy, and in high school it’s tough to be an individual. Also, on days when I feel insecure I can wear something that makes me feel unique and special, and it boosts my self confidence! Youtuber username: MissHannie23

  49. TaraMichelleZ says:

    I agree. I feel like if you are dressed to look your best than you will be more confident. All through highschool I wore tank tops a hoodie and jeans. I did not feel confident. I also could not afford to buy my own clothes. I’ve been working 3 years now and I’ve noticed every year my confidence growing more. I’ve been making youtube videos for over 2 years now as well. All thanks to fashion. My Youtube is TaraMichelleZ

  50. Spending the time to positively work on our appearance does really make a difference, not only as a great start/end of the day but all throughout it.

  51. holtlin84 says:

    so TRUE! i dont know how i would feel with out fashion in my life. it just makes a women feel like they are healthy, happy, beautiful.. and much more. i love putting on my make up, outfit and do my hair ever day!! makes me fell complete i know i am having a bad day when i dont look good. -i would love to make youtube videos and show everyone how to feel beautiful and or yourself beautiful!-ONE DAY :) soon…

  52. crissyk19 says:

    Fashion and beauty makes me feel more confident. Also when i’m feeling down or just having a bad day, putting on makeup or getting dressed up usually makes me feel better instantly. My youtube username is crissyk19.

  53. Hello i like this blog a lot :)

  54. Liz Gonzalez says:

    as a young mother i feel makeup is the one thing that helps me give me a little more confident. Its my time i think its really helpful making me grow as a person and it might sound crazzy but it helps me feel gud about my self.After the birth of my sec boy i was only 21 and i had gain a lot of weight over the few months of my pregnancy so i let go my confidents droped i was not happy i didnt feel good abt my self and it showed. Makeup gave me my life back i feel better about my self and who i am as a person. Youtube: liz gonzalez

  55. For years I hid myself from the world. I had gained so much weight that
    I didn’t even travel to see my mother for 3 whole years. I felt so bad
    about myself. My self esteem was in the toilet. I wore my same
    “uniform” most every day… Stirrup pants and a big t shirt. When I hit
    rock bottom I decided I couldn’t.. no wouldn’t live my life as a hermit
    any longer. I decided to take care of myself. I lost well over 100
    pounds. As I neared my goals I needed to shop for new clothes. I found
    I could wear the latest fashions. I started to wear makeup and went
    outside my comfort zone buying clothes that I wasn’t able to wear for
    years! This really helped me see how much living I had missed. I
    started to love myself again. I see myself as more happy, social,
    pretty.. even sexy!! My family can see a big change in me. Because I
    feel so much better about myself, I am a much happier person.. I am
    optimistic that my life will keep getting better and better.. Fashion and makeup plays a big part in the way I feel about myself every single day. It has been a positive influence in my life. It really has been a life-altering experience! Youtube:

  56. Kaylee I share the exact same feeling as you. You witness women transitioning right in chair. I have had many of the same experiences, it is such a rewarding feeling.

  57. I understand, you don’t have to have 20 shirts to look beautiful. You can have 1 shirts that enhances your style and coordinate 4 or 5 different looks with the same shirt. I have a similar post, 1 dress for looks.

  58. When I’m feeling depressed I notice that if I take more time on my appearance my attitude/mood is improved! Somehow, looking better on the outside makes me feel better on the inside ;)

  59. Majinca says:

    i think fashion and shopping cleans my brain… i love shopping, not only in brand shops,but also in chinese,becouse sometimes,there is better stuff :)

  60. Linna Phoung says:

    makeup makes me feel more confident in myself. Growing up ive suffered from sever acne and now i have lots of acne scaring. whenever i go out i think thats all ppl look at. but with the help of makeup im able to cover up my problem areas and be happy :) it also always some of my creativity to shine through with all the makeup looks i can create.

    yt: BaybeeLin

  61. Makeup and Fashion helpes me to feel better about myself. I go to school everyday feeling like i’m refreshed, looking good and ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at me.
    Youtube: maykay720

  62. Fashion influences us by boosting our confidence. With confidence we feel healthy, beautiful and less stressed.
    Youtube: Jes Flores

  63. Chenal says:

    Well, dressing up in nice clothing and putting on makeup may sound like a normal task women do every day, but to me doing these things evokes a deeper meaning on how I feel about myself. Yes my confidence is boosted, but also my whole outlook of who I am as a person I can be shown by my hairstlye, my clothing, my makeup, and my beauty overall. I leave my house and go to school, church, and other events knowing that I feel good the way I look, and I am more confortable in my skin. However I do not let the clothes wear me; I wear them because its not about how dressed up I look one day, but how I feel before, during and after Im wearing my clothing. You see I view fashion and beautytips as a way to inhance ones beauty especialy bringing the beautful person that I am on the inside, Out. My personality shines and is seen by many just by them seeing how happy I am with the way I am dressed.
    YT: Shae28ify

  64. Jade Carrion says:

    Beauty and fashion is = confidence and that make me strong and secure of myself, is an state of the mind that is so powerful that make you do and feel whatever you want to. :)

    Youtube: dracarrionmojica

  65. Jasmin Gill says:

    A few years ago I didn’t care about how I looked but now especially because I am in high school I started dressing better and started applying some make up. In fact now I’m always dressed up and my friends always say I’m so girly and I get a lot of compliments on my outfits. So basically I’m saying is I love dressing up and it makes me feel like I look good, makes me confident and honestly its just fun. My youtube name is Jasmin Gill (XxXBerryLoveXxX)

  66. Kuolem4 says:

    Fashion and makeup is a way to express urself

  67. I strongly believe that looking good equates to feeling good inside. More then ever in our present society I believe in having whole health, spiritually, mentally and physically. As superficial as it sounds, it does matter what is on the outside as much as on the inside. Fashion has a powerful way of bringing someone down or celebrating someone’s uniqueness. Fashion was not always a positive influence for me. In elementary school I was bullied for some of my fashion choices. As an adult, I realize the potential in everyone and make it a point to teach others about judgement and indifference. Have you ever heard of shopping therapy? It is true that we all love new things! So go out and celebrate your beauty! My youtube name is plumpie2! Thank you

  68. Best friend is have a good communication yes i entering collab giveaway way

  69. Eunbee sang says:

    Fashion and makeup really help on expressing myself to others:) my YouTube username is Sbeebee34

  70. Farrah says:

    I think that fashion, make up and hair styles really help a person express how they feel and who they are and also they all can make a person feel good about themselves and you can really show your mood and show people a little bit about you with your fashion and your make up and your hair. Everyone is different and its cool how sometimes you can see through someones style how different or alike yours maybe to theirs and it could be a really good way to make friends because y’all have similar styles.
    My youtube username is farrah201219

  71. Maria Balseca says:

    makeup makes you feel happy and increase highly your confidence.

  72. foreverlovekpop says:

    fashion n makeup makes me feel more confident! of course i love and enjoy doing it <333 utube name fayela isabelle.

  73. Angela I am inspired and moved by your comment. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

  74. Rosie Areola says:

    Beauty and Fashion have been a major influence on my life since I “got sober” 3 years ago at the age of 32. Beauty has become a major part of my life which is VERY enjoyable and keeps my mind focused, interested and continually learning and exploring with new techniques and products. Since finding a major interest in beauty I feel that this, in-turn, led me to become more interested in fashion and current trends causing me to totally re-vamp myself and have a 100% confidence boost within my state of mind as-well-as my outward appearance I get immense satisfaction & confidence from wearing a make-up look I create and an outfit I put together. So for me personally, I can say without a doubt that fashion, beauty, mental well-being and a healthy lifestyle most definitely all go hand-in-hand.

    YouTube Name: ukpanic77 (USA Resident)

  75. Angel Vauhn says:

    Beauty and fashion have boosted my confidence in myself.
    ever since I was little I never really cared about all of that stuff until people complimented my sisters all the time about how pretty they were/how nice they were dressed.
    so i always felt left out all the time,and i also felt really ugly.
    so i started getting interested in beauty first,now i think iv become really good at makeup and hair(Im planning on going to beauty school)
    and getting into fashion helped me alot feel comfortable about how i looked and felt.
    so yeah fashion and beauty has helped me a lot,really happy for it :)

  76. Fashion Is a strong well known thing around the world that girls and guys do to make them feel good or just add to the personality to let people know what they ear really all about. Fashion can give people confidence because if you like the way you look then you will feel good about your self, making you feel like you can take on anything that comes your way during the day :)
    Youtube channel: RissaRooJUSFORYOU

  77. xsweetjessicax says:


    I used to be really insecure about my eyes and how flat my face was. I think that makeup has really helped me open up to other people and show who I really am. I also find fashion really fun and a great stress relief (polyvore addict) it’s really made me feel a lot better about myself :)

  78. c dawks says:

    Fashion and beauty give me and my wonderful friends self esteem and a way to express ourselves. It also allows me to encourage others to feel better or even more self confident with themselves. A simple shade of lipstick or fun shoes to a scarf can do so much. Makeup alone for me is a fun outlet on my creativity and I love to share that with my friends or anyone willing to loan me their face while I make them feel pretty :)
    You tube name C Dawks

  79. Megan S says:

    I used to be not comfortable with myself and i always thought i wasn’t good enough because of how i looked and then i started getting into makeup and fashion and stuff and now i have confidence with myself. And ive been loving to experiment and am planning on going into it for my career :)

  80. Vicki says:

    I’m not yet sure how focusing on fashion and appearance can really improve a women’s life or implement any real confidence to a girl’s self image, but since I am still a teenager, I’m assuming that I haven’t gone through the biggest changes yet. I do, however, know that I feel much more confident in a nice outfit and that I am in a happy mood throughout the day when my makeup looks pretty. :) YT: yoobinshine

  81. LOVE U... says:

    Fashion and beauty is very importan to me i like 2 be beautifull always…makeup makes me feel happy and makes you feel increase highly your confidence. u feel sexy, attractive, etc

  82. Tiffany says:

    As a makeup artist, I try to let people know that makeup should be used as an accessory to compliment your beauty instead of masking it. Makeup is a big part of alot of girls lives. It makes me feel prettier and I meet other people who would like to learn the art of it, so i get the opportunity to show girls that makeup is not about covering up your face but embracing it. Just as someone would use a handbag to compliment an outfit they’re wearing. My sense of fashion is apart of who I am. It’s a positive thing for me because, for one I feel good about myself and I influence others to feel good about their own style.

    YouTube: Tiffany Belmontes. Twitter: @TiffBelmontes

  83. Roslyn says:

    I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE makeup :)! I don’t wear because i think i look ugly without it. I wear it on special events. Or to hide blemishes. I have a lot of the more naked pallets because i like the natural look better <3 I use too wear makeup all the time because i felt like i wasn't as pretty :[ but i discovered that i can make a more natural ! AND FOR ALL YOU GORGEOUS LADIES WHO THINK YOU CAN'T LOOK BEAUTIFUL WITHOUT MAKEUP , YOU'RE WRONG . YOU'RE ALL BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT ! Just know that, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise <3

    And also I AM IN LOVE with fashion. I always said that i'm going to study fashion <3 Fashion is pretty much my whole life ! words can't explain how much i LOVE fashion . When it comes to style , i have my own. While everyone dresses the same , i always try to think outside the box ! I'm kind of like a girly girl , but in a vintage way <3
    and also my YouTube user name is :

  84. I am the single mom of a son and I look for any and all chances to do girly things for myself. As a perent you tend to put yourself on the back-burner and in doing so you lose sight of who you are. I make it a point to go the extra mile when getting ready for work. I choose the ruffled collar shirt over the button down shirt. I use colored lip gloss instead of chapstick. Long story short … because I take the extra steps I feel good about myself and the confidence I feel spills over into my work day. I am more productive and am able to accomplish my daily task including helping my son with his homework. When you look better, you feel better and inturn you tend to do better.

  85. jackie santillan says:

    i think fashion and beauty take a big roll in a girls life. Atleast in my life it does. It helps to know that you look good when you’re walking out the door either to go out with your friends, special event, or anything . I like to look good for Me. not to impress anyone else. Fashion, make up, beauty help me boost up my self confidence. Not exactly cake up my face or hide it or dress like im going to a club but just a little blush to bring out my cheeks and small things like that. im a young girl and i like feeling good from the inside out and fashion and beauty are a part of that.

    Youtube: Cmliigh007 or jackie santillan

  86. Lori Hodge says:

    i would also like to add that that fashion and beauty products it has upped my self-esteem is alot better and it just makes me feel beautiful…….. i kno something as silly as makeup how it can just change u and make u feel beautiful but i never got it before… now as i have grown to be 24 i realize what my twin sister cori was doing all those years ago and how it made her feel and to y she did it….. its sad the things u miss out on im just glad its not to late and im still young and have lotss of time to enjoy make up and beauty product, and im just glad to still be here on earth… thats what i left out on the other comment….

  87. Lori Hodge says:

    lori hodge—–>

    TheEmoangel1987′s channel


    video views

  88. Jenn says:

    I agree that fashion and beauty products have been a huge part of my life for years. These products help me feel more beautiful, but as I grow and learn, I realize we as women need to be careful about our own projections unto younger women. As an educator, I am careful with my clothing, makeup, and comments to the younger generation. I think about comments about physical looks before I say them to young students so they are aware that beauty is not everything in life.

  89. lexi says:

    beauty and fashion make me feel better about myself. It helps me feel like I can do anything because I have an extra confidence. I love beauty products and i don’t know what I’d do without them. youtube: lexiwilson

  90. Personally: I consider makeup as my security blanket. I feel like I cannot leave the house without makeup on and not because I’m ugly or anything like that. I feel better with myself, more confident and even more desirable to my boyfriend eyes whenever I’m dolled up. It also became a ritual! To others that might sound ridiculous but for someone who loves beauty they all understand ;)

  91. Elizabeth Villa says:

    beauty and fashion have helped me feel more confident about myself. Which makes me feel positive and happy. It helps me better my appearance. yt:elizabethv2011ev1 Fb:elizabeth vIlla

  92. Maritza says:

    I personally when I walk out the house sometimes I will go pretty much looking like a ‘bumb’ mainly because I’m just not feeling it that day, but when I do dress up do my makeup and hair and have cute clothes on I feel confident, ready to take on anything, and ready to see anyone lol so I do believe when your appearance is better so is your mood

  93. Amanda Ramirez says:

    fashion has really boosted my self confidence and has helped me to prove how independant i can really be…! :) youtube: amandanramirez1

  94. K's Kitchen says:

    Fashion helps to open up a woman like a hidden flower that others haven’t touch or seen before because of her rich value, it unlocks your true beauty, and it makes her feel playful as well.. Makeup adds to a woman but it doesn’t makes her who she is. Your heart and warm inner Spirit keeps confidences and makeup pops up her glows.

  95. Lola Vazquez says:

    It influeced by making us see our self beautiful and by feeling good we have a better positive look at life n actually wen someone feels great they think better n our brain works better
    For me fashion its a passion I love make up that’s the strongest influence for me just as simply of doiing my make up it makes me feel great no matter if am dwn it. brings a positive look :D and makes me feel great and confident

  96. K's Kitchen says:

    Fashion and makeup pops a woman like a hidden flower, that many dreams to smell,

  97. Trisha Blackmore says:

    when u look good, u feel good. and when u feel good, u do good. shopping makes the world a happier place.

  98. 1685lee says:

    Fashion & beauty allows me to be unique, creative, & confident :)

  99. when i first thought of makeup, fashion and beauty i thought it was for the girls who overly packed and caked it on and ended up looking like a jersey shore girl. but one day i decided to open my eyes to the make-up and look up you-tube tutorials. that’s when it hit me; there are people who actually know how to put make-up and that sparked my interest, i started to do my own make-up then as i got better i started to do others. at the age of 15 makeup is really looked down upon, but for me i look at makeup and fashion as a free ( almost ;p) therapy. makeup does something that no human can do for me. it pushes me forward because once i learn how to do one type of make-up i want to learn more and more. i understand myself now, i can love myself, i appreciate myself more because maybe i can do what the next girl can’t do, or what they wish they could do with makeup, it gives me self-reassurance, and it allows me to be who i want to be, if i want to be daring, or darling it all depends on what make influences. it has also steered me into my career path because, now i want to be a makeup artist or stylist. i really love makeup, it’s the joy behind my room door, it’s the joy i carry in my bag, it’s my joy stacked up on top of each other, it not only makes me feel more confident, but also the others because one; attitudes are contagious but it also gets other woman or girls interest because if a 15 year like myself can do make-up than that means anybody around me can do the same also. moral of it all, they same diamonds are a girls best friend … but for me make-up is definitely a friend of mines.

  100. julia says:

    beauty and fashion has always helped my self esteem and confidence even in my most challenging moments. It allows me to be myself and embrace it! I believe fashion and beauty empower women. youtube : blanca4053

  101. Guest says:

    Fashion has a positive impact on my life because it allows me to express my individual style and personality through clothes and makes me feel unique. I also love playing with fashion trends and different makeup looks. Makeup allows me to enhance features that i would like to stand out and makes me more confident in my own skin.

  102. Allison Dawn says:

    Fashion has a positive impact on my life because it allows me to express my individual style and personality through clothes and makes me feel unique. I also love playing with fashion trends and different makeup looks. Makeup allows me to enhance features that i would like to stand out and makes me more confident in my own skin.

    Youtube: alysonxdawn

  103. Tanya Calderon says:

    I find that when I’m dressed up and have my makeup all done I feel ten times happier and its become part of my morning routine just because it makes me feel so much better,I’m happy with who I am,being all dressed up just adds a little kick:)

  104. Courtney says:

    Fashion gives me an outlet to express myself and my creative style. When I put a whole outfit together that I like, it boosts my mood and I feel more positive about myself. And when you feel good about yourself, you exude that confidence on the outside.

    youtube name: heycourtheeey

  105. Lori Talbot says:

    I recently lost 70 lbs and fashion and makeup have become my medicine. They help me to see me and make me feel confident and happy with myself…thanks so much…My YouTube name is 805loriann

  106. Maria says:

    Fashion and/ or beauty has been a positive influence in my life by making me feel beautiful. When I was in school, I was constantly being picked on for the way I looked, mainly because my nose was a little bigger than other girls. Now that I’m older I somewhat grew into my nose and it’s not necessarily big but I just hate it lol. I was sucked into the whole wearing black phase to try to hide from the bully’s and didn’t realize I was hiding from myself. Now, I have my own family with 2 children whom I love with all my heart and finally realized that in order to make them happy, I have to make myself happy. So, I threw out all my black clothes and started buying colorful clothing and started wearing makeup. To tell you the truth, I feel like a whole new person when I fix myself up. I LOVE it! Now I enjoy being out, if it’s during the day, or out on a date with my Fianće. I even noticed that I receive many more compliments every time I fix myself up. If I get any type of fashion input anywhere, whether it’s magazines or the Internet, I try to put it together at home and boosts every little chemical in my brain and influences my feelings! Today I can honestly say that I am an individual who feels pretty, fashionable, sexy, and sometimes even glamorous! ;) thank you do much! I really enjoyed this post !!
    Youtube name: chayo2908

  107. eden says:

    Makeup just makes me feel good and feel very confident!
    thank you so much for the opportunity!youtube name:littlemisseden100

  108. eden says:

    I said my youtube user is litlemisseden100 and I meant harelsharon6 :) thank you sorry :):):)

  109. Morgan says:

    Fashion and beauty have positively influenced my life by giving me confidence through the ability to enhance my natural features. I can express myself through clothing and makeup, and I can reflect how I’m feeling through the look I want to create. Basically, it’s just a great outlet for me to be able to express my emotions and individuality. There’s something about doing my makeup every morning that just relaxes me and sets me at ease – it’s like my little bit of quiet “me” time that I get each day. Seeing how other people utilize makeup and fashion inspires me to further develop my own taste, and overall beauty has just given me something to be passionate about (since I make beauty videos of my own as well) and it’s something that makes me happy.

    Thank you so much for this giveaway! My channel is TheForeverGlamorous and I subscribed to all of you and liked the Facebook page.

  110. Mika James says:

    Youtube name: jamika james
    Fashion has shown. That I am able to be myself whether I am dressing casual or high fashion. I was always picked on about the way I looked so losing 50 pounds brought my spirits Up and learning hhow to do my makeup and style to my shape was great I love fashion cause fashion has brought out the new and improved me.!

  111. Debby says:

    Fashion is a great way to show off my personality with all the colors and accessories i wear each day. I give the beauty all to my makeup because it always make me look amazing and gorgeous. I feel happier wearing makeup and my face feels naked whenever i don’t wear my makeup. Makeup is like putting on clothes, but onto my face.

    My youtube name is JerseyShoreDWOWW.

  112. This is LVETUDE (ON YOUTUBE)
    Fashion is intellectual and artful form that allows us to project different feelings and emotions. Without fashion this world would be somber and gray. I believe that fashion is one of the best tools to improve women’s health because if a person is happy and is proud to walk in high heels and exude the confidence she feels day in and day out…there is no doubt she can conquer the world. I personally feel excellent when I get dolled up and I perform better as an individual…Put on those lashes, wear those heels, and put on that cute dress…make yourself feel proud of who you are and your uniqueness…that nerve…that talent (Rupaul’s catch phrase…uniqueness, nerve, and talent).

  113. denise says:

    My Youtube Name is: Denise Giampa. Fashion/beauty has helped my sisters and I grow closer together since we have something in common that we are all so passionate about. (:

  114. sabrina sivilay says:

    My Youtube Name is: superflyswimmer28

    Fashion has made such a big impact on my life. It helped me make friends with people who have a similar fashion style like me. It also helped me with school projects since I can use color coordination and patterns in my fashion style in things such as art projects and power-points. Not only that, but fashion makes me feel confident. I can walk around school feeling pretty and joyful. Even though coming up with outfits can be a pain, it brightens up my day when people say, “I love your outfit!”

  115. Melody Dankwa says:

    Youtube Name: 0oMelloadeeo0

    I think fashion influences our brain chemistry because fashion in my opinion shows confidence. When you dress nice, for some odd reason you feel nice am I wrong? Don’t get me mistaken, you don’t have to wear nice clothing or the top trending items to have confidence but in reality seeing things influence the way we think. Fashion can be used to express a certain emotion I could be feeling that day. If I wake up and my brain tells me I feel sad, my emotion usually will show through what I’m wearing which in that case would be something comfy as in sweats to replace the comfort feeling I’m missing. That is how I think Fashion influences our Brain Chemistry.

  116. Nikita Silva says:

    I believe that makeup artistry has really helped me develop as a person. Knowing I could let myself be more creative really helped my confidence.

    youtube name: Nikita Silva

  117. Youtube name: missstrange1118

    Fashion and beauty have positively influenced my life by helping me to become more self confident, more social, and able to open up to people and make new friends. I have recently started taking more of an interest in fashion and beauty, and I have found that when I take the extra half an hour or so to do my hair and put on make up, I feel exponentially better than on days I don’t. And when i put on cute clothes, I feel better about myself and who i want to be in the future.

  118. Fashion Is a strong well known thing around the world that girls and guys do to make them feel good or just add to the personality to let people know what they ear really all about. Fashion can give people confidence because if you like the way you look then you will feel good about your self, making you feel like you can take on anything that comes your way during the day :)
    Youtube channel: RissaRooJUSTFORYOU

  119. Cassie Lynn says:

    When I slip into something that is fashionable and fits me well, I just feel so much better. I love how makeup can enhance the features I like best and it just adds to my happiness. I feel better and more confident walking out the door and can constantly smile !

    Youtube: VivaLaPink1

    Thank You !!

  120. Fashion and Beauty are the two things that makes most women confident about them selfs, If i wear something that doesnt fit my style, i would not be happy, what makes me happy, is when i find that perfect outfit/style to wear, which makes me me. I love the feel when people want to compliment me.! Youtube is Swaggerofthejagger1

  121. Fashion and makeup have a big impact on my life, school years was very rough,.. Fashion and makeup insired me to build my self eestem and make me more confident about who I am inside and out. None of us women need make up or very fashionable clothes but it makes enhance the beauties that are in side of us!

  122. alexis daniel says:

    My youtube name is : Hakunnamatataaa

    Fashion and beauty Has had a big impact on my life in the Past year because I’ve just started high school and the pressure to be perfect is very overwhelming, but by me not caring what other people think and believing in my brain that im pretty,fashionable, etc has made it much better for me.

  123. Kiran Mangat says:

    My YT username is loventhings37

    I think the most important thing about makeup that critics seem to neglect is the confidence it gives someone. Some would argue that makeup is shallow and it shouldn’t act as a vote of confidence. My theory is that if makeup can act as a pick me up, why shouldn’t we let it? Makeup is a way to distract oneself when need be, it can act as something to lean on if you’re feeling self conscious in your own skin as we sometimes do. In my personal experience, makeup has not only lifted my confidence because I can walk with my head held a little higher when my unruly blemishes are covered up. By knowing that one can cover up a blemish, it proves that the people we compare ourselves and fight so hard to be like are also probably wearing makeup 9 times out of 10. By relying on makeup we are actually downplaying the physical aspects of it and more portraying the beneficial attributes such as making oneself feel better.

  124. My username is CrushonBerries, and My FB (Diana Tian) also liked you guys on FB…

    I started to wear makeup beginning of this year, first I thought that make up really attracted attention to my face, which made me reluctant to wear it in public because I had a bad hair cut and glasses. So anyway during the summer I visited a few salons and got my hair done, I also hanged around the discount fashion stores a lot. I started to gain a lot more confidence when people started complementing me on my style. omg! I know my parents and even some relatives think I’m too young to be caring so much about how I look, even though I’m old enough to drive. Yes, I make time everyday (40 minutes max) to focus on improving my appearance, but let’s not forget before I used to spend every second on my life worrying about my frizzy hair and how people perceive me. Now I know that I’m pretty so actually I’m not as insecure any more!

  125. Lyudmila says:

    My youtube name is lusizova. I do makeup every day when I go ro work. It has big value to image.

  126. my youtube name is 69stigmes. I express myself with the things i wear an my makeup and when i like look it makes me feel better!

  127. My YT username jeckoo100

    makeup realy gets me felling better about myself. Beeing a mom of 3 baby girl sis’nt easy, no no.. Feeling tired all time, having big blue cirkles under my eyes :/ Butt when I put my makeup on, some concealar under my eyes, everything it’s brighten is up, and I’m feeling so much stronger :)

  128. Miranda says:

    My YouTube (at the moment ) user name is Miranda Goodman

    Makeup is a way for me to express my artistic ability on myself rather than on paper,canvas or computer like I am used to doing, Makeup is like another medium of art to me. I also dye my hair when I need a pick me up and need a direction in life. I usually get tattoos or piercings but dyeing my hair or buying some new earrings is a lot cheaper. I also use my fashion to express my individuality and creativeness.

  129. xoxoemily jo says:

    My YT username: xoxoemily jo
    i love makeup and fashion because it boosts my confidence and its just so fun and interesting!(:

  130. Amy says:

    Awesome article! Fashion makes me feel fierce

  131. MoonliteMuse says:

    Nice article! Makeup & fashion have really helped to boost my confidence and express myself creatively :)

  132. MoonliteMuse says:

    My youtube name: Juniper Skies

  133. abcegc says:

    YT = abcegc. Fashion and beauty have been a positive influence in my life both mentally and physically. I’m not the type of person that is always dressing the trends or carrying the latest designer handbag. I like to dress comfortable more than cute. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like looking at other girls wearing those things and wondering how I could pull it off to fit my own comfort level. I may not have the most perfect body or the prettiest face, but fashion and beauty really boost my own self-esteem and confidence in myself even though I know that I’m loved by my family, friends and God. And when strangers meet me, they always find that I have a good and caring heart. Fashion and beauty only enhance my heart. That stuff doesn’t necessarily reflect that part of me, but when it makes me feel good about myself, I can better project how I feel and how I am in a positive manner.

    • Yes, Ebony has the girl next door style. When using fashion to express yourself you don’t always have to be trendy or glamourous. Many of my clients are what I described as relaxed and refined. You can wear a basic sweater and slacks. A simple loafer, Wear you hair up, small earrings and a little lip gloss. It says I care about my appearance. I want to present myself in the best light because I am mindful of how I show up in others peoples lives.

  134. ilikethis says:

    My youtube account is “Aubergini 19″. Now here’s my story: I actually got bullied during middle school, in the time when I was 13 till I was 16. I got bullied and pushed against the will and people told me that I was ugly and that no one liked me.. and I didn’t even know why.. but not only in middle school, but also already in primary school in the 1st and 2nd grade. You know I live in Germany, and at that time I used to live in a very small village.. as an Asian I was something different.. and many people (mostly girls) refused to play with me.. I remember that day we were all supposed to hold hands for a sports exercise.. and the people beside me actually covered their hands with their sleeves before giving me their hand.. I never had a boyfriend till I was 16, because everyone thought I was weird.. then came the days, where I decided to change. I hated the situation I was in, that’s why I decided to change ! I bought thousands and thousands of teen fashion mags, read through those make up and fashion articles and always took their advises on “how to be ore confident” or “how to love yourself” .. Yes, I changes. I went to the barber cutting side bangs. I slowly started to learn how to apply mascara or eyeshadow through youtube videos .. I decided to wear clothes which would enhance some of my physical features.. and you know what ? Through fashion and make up I learned to love myself more, to trust myself.. it is not only, that I only like myself with make up on, but it is the idea of “thinking about myself”, “doing something with and for myself” which made me love myself more. I am so confident now and I know that the times, where I got bullied only made me stronger. I have often heard already, how people tell me “Wow, you have changed!” And you know what ? Yeah, yeah I HAVE changed and I feel great ! :)

  135. desaria says:

    Fashion has allowed me to be myself. I was and still am very insecure about my looks but with the help of amazing clothes and makeup, I can feel better about myself. Prior to working out and being intersested in fashion, I never really cared much about the way I look. In turn, I was not the happiest person. I never paid much attention to my looks or my health. However, as I began to develop intersts in makeup and fashion I too began working out. Now, I have lost 15 lbs and am way happier than I was 2 years ago.


  136. Kiki says:

    Hi, my youtube channel is MyMommyDays. I have been an esthetician for 10 years so skin care and makeup have been a big part of my life for awhile. I’m artistic in nature and through fashion and makeup I am able to express myself and my creativity every day w/my style. Whenever you put on an outfit that accentuates your best features or apply your makeup that gives some pop to your look it makes all the difference in how you feel on the inside. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.

  137. hafsah says:

    Fashion influnces brain chemestry cuse if ur not confident about ur self fasion does that for you so you can feel more comftouble about ur self and u gain more confidence and you likes and dislikes in fasion grow.

  138. hafsah says:

    bluebird09871 fashion influences you by making you more confidence and gives you more self esteem, and makes you prouid of who you are without having people to dislike you. and whenever you think of something new to do with makeup or fashion your creativity brin cells are working and you get more creative and get more fashion sense

  139. julieemee says:

    Fashion influnces brain chemestry cuse if ur not confident about ur self fasion does that for you so you can feel more comftouble about ur self and u gain more confidence and you likes and dislikes in fasion grow.

  140. Ada Torres says:

    Hi, my youtube channel is miiszPUERTOriiico. From a young age i suffered from depression and no self confidence. As i got older i tried branching out and working more on my self. One day i heard a quote, “When you feel good ,you look good and when you look good, you ARE successful.” That really sank in with me and from then on i tried doing more things that made me happy. One of those things was working on my appearance. I started trying to bring out my inner feminine side and started wearing makeup and being more womanly. And honestly it has made my confidence level grow tremendously. I truly believe that fashion and beauty can make such a big difference in our brain chemistry and change how we view/ feel about ourselves and life in general. I believe Its definitely a big part of human growth/wellness.

  141. Sonia Perez says:

    I feel like fashion is a part of who i am. I am a mother of 2 and 22years old it makes me feel good when i take care of myself. I love dressing up and putting makeup because when i was younger my parents didn’t let me so it kinda got to me and now it makes me who i am today.i am not selfish or mean. i love me my family and God.

    youtube chanel is Sonia Perez

  142. Fashion has had a very positive influence in my life it has allowed me to express myself. I tend to have a hard time saying how I feel so fashion is a scape for me to feel free and I can express myself so easily.

  143. caeleylovesyouu says:

    Fashion is, for me, the absolute best way to express myself! shows my style and the kinds of things i like! my YouTube username is…caeleylovesyouu ! Thanks!

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