How to Channel Your Inner Siren

How to Channel Your Inner Siren


Personal style and self-expression is strongly encouraged here on We try to inspire  you to express who you  are or how you would like to be perceived.  One of our favorite image type is the “Siren”or “Alluring”.  Some women find it hard to step out of their shell and portray themselves as sexy or alluring.

All women should celebrate their femininity.  While it is nice being a tomboy, it is important to get in touch with your inner siren.  Here are few ways to express the “WOMAN”  in you.

Beginning with your hairstyle, how about the sexy side part? It’s easy and extremely flattering. It is a popular look for Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba.  I found a great article on the Modern Salon. com on how to create this look. Full, fun and sensual describes this hairstyle.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals


In the matters of make up.


A smokey eye ALL317436_05


A red lip ALL308017_05
Gold Shadow urban_decay_lovechild



A kohl rimmed eye masl10_kohl


A glossy nude lip ALL1903_01


Adding a little come hither to your look can be sassy and fun. A siren is subtly sexy and never too over the top. Remember there is a fine line between temping and trashy. How do you express your inner siren?





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  • Mindy Savage

    I love a bold red lip and smokey eye! My YT Username is Mindy Savage.

  • Chloe Kim

    YT name is: Chloe Kim

  • Mackenzie Ann

    To find my inner vixen I use my naked 2 pallate and my revlon lip stain in smitten. I then curl my hair because it makes me feel beautiful. My YouTube username is Mackenzie Ann

  • killacore1

    This is a really interesting page which i need to bookmark,it`s better then buying a newspaper like vogue :-)

  • Samantha

    Andrea from youtube sent me here :) I channel my inner vixen by creating thick bold lashes because I have really big doll eyes and I think it makes me look extra flirty.
    My youtube username is lovepinkhun :)

  • @ana7396

    awsome username in youtube is AnastasiaTheBest2

  • Ellen Taylor Starkey

    smokey purple eye my you tube name is elley24

  • brittney f

    big hair, big lashes, and mac angel/hue lipstick is how I channel my inner vixen! youtube username: br1ttybritt

  • Kate

    I love to put on some lipgloss and straighten my hair!

  • Erica

    A kohl rimmed eye with a glossy neutral lip- youtube username lilmissre

  • Alisha


  • Ambar Cervera Smith

    love gold eyeshadow and a good rep lip.. gives me self esteem in a flash

  • Llevinas

    Heavy eyeliner and pink lip – youtube: llevinas

  • Hasna Komatsu

    Straight hair, lashes , Bright pink lips ,skinny jeans and high heels .

    go girl youtube username:sissou1992

  • April Roper

    Red Lips and smokey eyes all the way! (Youtube username: justmybones)

  • october.rain13

    I love red lipstick its so sexy.I’m bloodgoddess13 on youtube

  • Angela Younes

    I like all of the above lol, I really like messy rocker chic hair too! Please enter me in your giveaway Andrea!—-86AkayW

  • Lea Monetti

    Wavy hair, smokey eyes and full lashes :D I’m prncsslea93 on YouTube <3

  • Guest

    Red & Hot pink lips! And a smokey eye!
    YouTube username: BeautifulBabyDoll17

  • Ha-nana Khue

    Bold black eyeliner + big false eyelash, bronzer (to keep my face/eye really simple) and MATTE bright RED lipstick :D

  • Alexandra Kue

    It’s all in the eyes. So I try to make my eyes stand out.
    YT: y0oitsalexx

  • Liz Reynoso

    loose curls, side swept bangs, black smokey eyes, nude lips :))

    thelivelove14 on youtube :D

  • Haley Howard

    Curls, Bold winged eyeliner, dark lip, and a smokey eye. I liked Girls Best Friend and Co on Facebook /hayweeee also. YouTube: haleyglamour.

  • Emilee

    i am loving red lips right now! just makes me feel more sultry and gives a sexy look! emileexoglam

  • kai brown

    i like to style myself edgy with knee high leather boots and a leather vest for my hair just a bit of big hair spray after wand curls natural makeup and bold lip a few bangels and a studed wrap watch a flash in the mirror with a you are awesome attitude and i am ready to go

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      i like your style.

  • kai brown

    oops forgot user name devoted4life

  • Jennie Bao

    I love red lips, loose curls, and full lashes!
    YouTube: Princesslife06

  • kai brown

    i like to dress edgy with a natural makeup look and bold lips devoted4life user name

  • Clara

    Red lips , nude eyes , wavy hair :) with black dress would be perfect!! @claor10

  • April F.

    I like the gold eyeshadow. Youtube name is April F.

  • Laura

    Love the kohl rimmed eyes, easy and effortless! JarofPickles1

  • Chessa Taboada

    Smoket eye definitely brings out one’s inner fierceness. YT accnt: chiszanikka19

  • MrChubbiBunni

    I love bold smokey eye <3 xx
    Youtube: MrChubbiBunni

  • t ikola

    I’m opposite. I feel better with my hair straitened but I do enjoy a smokey eye look. YouTube name mrsikes02.

  • Agata B

    I like to put a bright lipstick and let my hair down :)

  • Darlene

    Red lips, big lashes. Side bangs with big hair with curls and of course a cute lil dress with hills.

  • Maria Espinoza

    I like to use red lipstick with a smokey eye and or winged eyeliner with my hair up in a bun. My youtube name is airam04nauj07

  • Heather ツ

    I channel my inner vixen with Killer Heels, a curve-popping dress, dark and sultry smokey eyes, voluminous dramatic lashes and a Merlot shade on the lips ;)

    YouTube Name: ukpanic77

  • knc3394

    I channel my inner vixen with a brown smokey eye, neutrally pink lip, and I curl my hair with my wand. And accessorize!
    My YouTube username is knc3394

  • jr

    When I want to look extra glamorous I always curl my hair and tease it and wear a smokey eye with nude lips! my YT username is MissAnaM86

  • Shyann Gatlin

    YouTube user name lilbabygirl2021

  • Shelby

    I love adding false eyelashes to any makeup look it just takes it to that extra level of glamour! And love doing my hair in curls and just making it big bouncy and gorgeous. (yt:ilove2singnplay)

  • Sindy

    I channel my inner vixen with red hot lips ,dark smoky eyes loose curls,cute outfit and heels
    My YT name is blondie00712

  • Betina

    I love a nude glossy lip and either a smokey eye or fun bright colors. 2786Tina on YouTube.

  • Isla McKay

    I curl and tease my hair, then do a bold winged liner and a dark vampy lip :) my youtube username is Isla McKay :D

  • Chelsea

    i channel my inner vixen with a thick winged liner and thick lashes. this is my favorite dramatic go-to look, the cat eye is so classic and seductive on EVERYONE and thick lashes make you look so flirty and gorgeous.

    YT username- buetkween
    facebook- Chelsea Miller

  • cosmi13

    i like to put black kohl on the water line, it gives a mistery for the eye…and lipgloss on the lips..YT cosmina ina, facebook cosmi-politan

  • Caroline Caddysw

    Youtube: Caddysw, love the sexy side part. Totally worth all the work to straighten my hair. And most have a smokey eye!!

  • Émilie Drouin

    lots of mascara, winged eyeliner and red lipstick

    my youtube username: emelie2h8

  • Amber Javed

    smoky eyes with kohls and pinky lips
    YT missjaved

  • Ambreen Rouf

    smoky eyes and with hot pink lips.

    youtube username: mamakijaangugu

  • Amy

    smokey eye and red lips! <3.<3

    youtube name: amyluzu

  • Thalita Valentim

    Letting down my hair and red lips!

    Youtube: Thalita Valentim

  • Jessy Kennedy

    I love to do a sexy dark smokey eye with natural pink lip color and my extensions for channeling my inner vixen :P

    My youtube username is BelowFahrenheit

  • Neshii S. Smith

    BIG voluminous hair, long lashes, Silver Smokey eye with winged liner. :))) Thank you for the Giveaway..! :-*
    YouTube: nbustamonte

  • misaki covington

    YT username misaki52008 colorful eyes with pink lips and bun hair

  • Jalisa

    Smokey eye with hot pink shadow, hot pink lips, hair extensions spiral curled, nails done with acrylic nails polished wit rhinestone design youtube name: igotkrazyfaith

  • Gina Demetro

    Love wearing heels and red lips sexy sexy lol .. YT user name deeleeguyshee

  • Kelly Barnes

    bold lips, long lashes, fresh mani/pedi, and sexy heels!
    youtube name: irav82

  • Saundra Nicole Bowman

    Bold Lips, big hair and big lashes!
    Youtube user name is

  • Anne Lee

    eyeliner :) lots of it, to the point where i could use eyeshadow
    that and SUPER heavy lashes make me feel like the most glamorous girl in the world
    Youtube: waitingsilently16

  • disqus_jL0Q1kyBs7

    long lashes and high heels and smoky eyes!

  • Mckenna

    Bold lashes, lips and winged eyeliner!
    My youtube is perfectnailz88

  • ChescaN

    Smokey eye! YouTube: mewmewchesca

  • Jessica Avery

    Dark red lips, neutral eyes with thick winged liner, and some awesome lashes!

    Youtube: beautyqueenof9teen

  • Tamara

    CURLS! Natural look with a sparkly eyeshadow and eyeliner with big lashes. And lip gloss,love my lip gloss!’ And putting on heels definitely bring out the vixen.


  • Jeanette L

    Curled hair, a red lip, and a hot pair of heels is my recipe for bringing out my inner siren YouTube: ohlalajfrenchie

  • Blanca Arana

    red lips,smoky brown eyes,loose curls-youtube name:BSAC81

  • abcegc

    I take a shower with matching shower gel, lotion, body mist. Then I curl my hair and do neutral makeup. I put on a LBD and accessorize with bright pops of color. YT = abcegc

  • Katie

    heels, smokey eyes! youtube: katiebug5701

  • Ana Karen

    Bold lips, heels, smoky eyes and my hair in Ben.
    YouTube: karen101a

  • Alejandra Guiselle

    I love this post, alejandra tarula youtube username

  • Andriana

    I usually go with a dramatic eye and a smooth, juicy, kissable nude lip
    youtube: LukumADAki

  • Tamara Halit

    I don’t wear eyeliner very often, but when I do I definitely feel that my look is a bit more put together. It can really make a difference with your look, depending on thickness, length, if you’re going for the little flick on the end (or even a big flick!), or if you smudge it out, etc. So many options!
    Youtube: TamaraHalit

  • Rachel Hager

    I love the smokey eye and red lip photos above! I channel my inner siren with black leather, combat boots, a black smokey eye, and bold red lips! I usually style it up with some studded/spiked accessories :)

  • Rachel Hager

    My youtube user name is Rachel Hager (101raylee)

  • Haji Gaia

    red lips all the way. A nice sultry pout is so empowering and makes me feel more polished. YT name: Vintageloli

  • gosia

    red lipstick and straight hair

    YT name : goss duda

  • lovingthesun

    i love red lipstick and heels,maybe some bright flats

    youtube name :xxwikixx011

  • maria salo

    To put effort on my outfit and hair and makeup but the most important tip is to be more condifent :)
    YouTube name: maria salonen

  • Renenutet

    I wear a pheromone perfume and put on full makeup. Youtube Name: Renenutet11779

  • Yareth Torres

    red lipstick and straight hair
    Youtube name yareth torres

  • Alix

    I wear a smokey eye with a bold lip, a side parting and a pheromone perfume. Youtube name: makeupjunkie1910


    Full on makeup, hair and a sexy outfit with nice high high heels.
    YT: EllaFranchescaApo

  • Nik Nak

    Put on heels that match your lipstick! (Youtube username is “Nik Nak”)

  • Nichole

    Dark eyeliner and a red lip. YouTube name NikkiG583

  • Sarah.M.S

    Neutral colors definitely!!!!!

    Youtube- Barbiegrlxoxoxo


    I LOVE the smokey eye with a red lipstick and a black dress. SO CUTE! ♥ Youtube Name: RandomEpicness123

  • ashbet75

    ed lipstick, awesome defined eyes and a killer dress! :)

  • Naznin

    Black winged eyeliner, pouty lips, blush makes me channel my inner vixen.. Am funkynaz1 from YT…

  • pinkan2009

    I love dressing girly if it’s in the day time but I like to dress up during the night! I have my hair down all the time.

  • Suzy Hermosillo

    Loose wavy curls & a Smokey eye!! :) youtube-suzeee906

  • abcegc

    putting on my fave perfume and curling my hair YT = abcegc

  • Argie Rust

    my youtube name is EsthetariaRose

  • Regina Milian

    neutral eyes:) youtube name : Regine Barolette

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      You like a neutral eye! You should try it with a red lip!

  • Angel Y. Nancy

    I do my makeup first and them chose my outfit :)
    I also love a pinup look with hotpink lips ;)
    Username: skarock16

  • n coplen

    Putting on my fave perfume and the glosses lip gloss! n coplen

  • Aurora Mendoza

    Big eye lashes and lip gloss whit sparks on .

  • Sam

    love dramatic lashes, Smokey shadows and a perfect red lip :) That is how I channel my inner vixen! Youtube name: Samidan489 (Samb)

  • Patrishia Marie Anderson

    big hair false lashes bold bright pink lips youtube:patty cakez

  • Me

    Sexy Undies Youtube: Xmbeex

  • ashley jones

    Bright red hair and foundation that makes my face look flawless, though I really haven’t been able to find it lately. I love bright coral-pink lips too! <3 YouTube: Ash Jones (or "")

  • Em Gee

    love the nude lip!
    youtube: Em Gee

  • Allie Whitehead

    I channel my inner vixen by wearing high heels and high hair! :) Youtube name: Allie Whitehead

  • Yamari Lesca

    I cannot agree more with you that all women should try out a sexy and alluring look especially now that we’re so close to Valentine’s Day. Personally what makes me feel the sexiest is when I treat myself to getting my hair and makeup professionally done. And to top it off I find the sexiest pair of heels in my closet. :)


    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Yes, sexy sexy heels!

  • Rachel

    Jessica Alba is so gorgeous!
    My youtube username is RachelOfChaos :)

  • Agnes Es

    by wearing a natural makeup :D youtube is Assya D

  • Elizabeth Villa

    by wearing a winged liner
    yt name: elizabethv2011ev1

  • Iris Salinas

    By wearing a bold lipstick and loose curls and topping it off with a sexy pair of high heels and fruiyy perfume like viva la juicy by juicy couture.

    YouTube username : PrettyyMe1993

  • Ola Okeowo

    By wearing eye liner and lip gloss

    YouTube username: Babeola1 and my Facebook Ola BelAmour Okeowo

  • Breanna Wong

    by wearing a natural smokey eye
    You tube username: Breanna Wong

  • Ivonne Saldana

    i channel my inner vixen by wearing a bun and a bold lip! :]
    youtube username: ivanakranka

  • Cara Alisa Manke

    loving the gold shaddow look!

  • Cara Alisa Manke

    loving the gold shadow look! username: caraalisa

  • Carressa Gledhill

    I love nude lips youtube username: carcarshae

  • Megan Bell Stewart

    I love dark red lips! So sexy! Youtube: MeganBell123

  • disqus_u0By4Dmq4S

    smoky eyes are amazing^_^ Username: brittany velasquez

  • Erin Taggart

    I need to have my nails done and have a Smokey eye to feel vixeny! Username seekrapunzel20

  • 43moredays

    To channel my inner vixen, I rock bold, red lips and wing it out with an ensemble that shows of my curves.
    YouTube: 43moredays

  • AlexisGrace

    This is a fantastic post—- exactly what I needed! I have been feeling off since having my daughter and I definitely could dedicate a bit more effort to looking a bit more alluring (not that I am trying to have another kid immediately, but you know! ;) )…

    • GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Yes and hubby will appreciate it too.

  • Veronica Martinez

    i channel my inner vixen with my red lipstick and smokey eye with very pop color highheels :)
    Veronica Martinez