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Being well dressed also includes an appropriate makeup look. My natural talent is styling but I also have a love of beauty products. I fell in love with makeup eight or nine  year ago when I made a purchase of 4 MAC makeup brushes. Mac 252, 224, 221 and 219. I wasn’t an expert at make up application but when I used these MAC brushes it was like I was a pro.  The way the brush laid the product, and the angels of the brushed helped enhance the makeup application.  I began receiving many compliments on my makeup application. Honestly, it was the product and the brushes I used. Since that time I developed a bit of an obsession with brushes.  When I find a brush that I love I usual purchase more than one. In my eyes you can never have too many brushes.  I have chosen six of  my favorite brushes to share with you. The first brush is the shader brush. My favorite is MAC 252, there are several brand shader brushes but MAC 252 is soft but firm and long lasting. Here is a picture of my original brush. MAC use to manufacture their brushes in France, back then the number was larger and in the middle of the brush. Now the number is close to the bristles. The handles are a bit lighter but the natural fiber and quality is still the same. Here is a photo of a few of the MAC 252, including my original MAC 252. I am always looking for an awesome eyeliner brush. A few month back I discovered MAC 211. It is an extra fine tipped synthetic fiber brush. Great precision brush. I knew in the store I was going to love this brush. If you like a defined cat eye you will love this brush.   I know you’re thinking is this going to be an advertisement for MAC? No, but what many don’t realize is  MAC’s greatest strengths is the manufacturing of their brushes.  I believe MAC dedicates  a large partion of their R&D budget to their brush line.   To change up the pace, I’m going to introduce a Bobbi Brown brush. Please don’t sleep on Bobbi Brown she does an amazing job in manufacturing face product. My favorite brush is her Eye Contour brush. It does an exceptional job of  contouring the crease and brow area. I purchased my first brush at the Cosmetic Company Outlet also known as the CCO. You can also find the Eye Contour brush at amazon   Stila makes a one step complexion brush. I purchased this brush along with their One Step foundation product.I hated the foundation, it shows up ashy in my opinion. The brush is amazing.  One side beautifully blends liquid, creams and powder foundation into your skin, while the other delivers precision concealing for a perfected, polished complexion.The synthetic bristles are shaped to imitate application with your fingertips, but are firmer and more flexible for quicker, easier makeup application. You can find one at Sephora . MAC 226 is my baby, she’s a crease blending brush. Ok you guys may get a little uptight with me. But this brush was a limited edition brush. MAC had a re-promote so of course I brought a third one. I am telling you guys because MAC usually will re promote past product. So if you see it, grab it. As I explained MAC brushes are general great for specialize use. I am crazy for this brush.  I have never tried Sigma but I believe Sigma has a dupe. Click here to try. My final brush is MAC’s 214 short shader brush. Again a tool that is specialized  for specific use. I use this brush for lining and smudging. Great for a smokey eye. I can be a bit of a beauty snob. I know what I like. I follow a variety of beauty blogs who in the past have recommended less expensive products. I have made purchases based on their recommendations, often  I was left disappointed. I have heard great things about Sigma, who manufactures dupes of MAC. While researching for this post, I ran across this brush set. I ordered them from Amazon.  I will test and give you guys an update on how I liked the Sigma brushes.



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3 Replies to Makeup Brush Favorites MAC STILA BOBBI BROWN SIGMA

  1. Ashley says:

    I wasn’t introduced to professional brushes until last year and wow do I wish I would have bought good ones sooner. I have the Sigma Mr. Bunny Line and I swear by it. I prefer their synthetic brushes over the natural ones I think they are softer and more precise. Be careful when buying them off amazon I’m not sure any of them are authorized Sigma re sellers. The company has it’s own retail site and they have 10% off codes floating all over the net, keep it in mind for next time :)

    I wish I could afford some MAC brushes but they are so expensive, I do think I will end up splurging on them sometime tho since the quality is really hard to resist.

    • I brought the Sigma brushes that I mentioned in the post, I also purchased their dry and shape brush roll. I usually attend IMATS and the Makeup show so I have seen their brushes. I like a sturdy plush brush. I only use synthetic brushes when using creams or liquid. Ashley MAC really makes a superior brush. I have a NARS shader brush I paid $55 for, my MAC 252 is just as good. If you notice the 252 in the picture is the first one I purchased. I made an error in the post. I purchase it before 2002. So the brush is over 10 years old. As you can see in the picture the bristles looks as good as the more recent brushes.

  2. I can’t believe how quick the brushes arrived. I also got they drip and shape brush roll from Sigma. The brushes are soft, I can’t say that they are spectacular but remember I am a beauty snob. So who knows Sigma may prove me wrong. I will share my experience on a future post. Check out the picture

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