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The Women of 2011


         It is obvious that the roles of women have changed through the ages, our mentalities as well as our rights and freedoms, as a gender have grown in every aspect possible.  Before women were oppressed, thought of as only child bearers, property, and homemakers.  The only duties women were responsible for were cooking, cleaning, maintaining the home and keeping their husband happy.  It was the norm for women to marry into wealth as well, as a matter of fact, it was expected.  If a woman was to even marry into poverty it was considered shameful on most accounts.  Women used to be encouraged to marry within their own social status or above because then they knew they will be well provided for, even if it meant there was no love, a woman was just chosen to be the mother of a man’s children and to take care of the house.

While men were expected to go out and get the education, as well as make the money, most women stayed uneducated and unemployed and without rights. Women were to be seen, not heard. As time passed, women changed all of that; generation after generation has accomplished more. Women have broken the glass ceilings oppressing them in the work force, in voting, in expression. Women are becoming more independent as the days go by… We are relying more on ourselves to do whatever it takes to provide for ourselves and our children. Although with this happening, some morals are diminishing as we become more independent and cut-throat. In a society today that is ran by money, some women have the wrong idea of what respect is, they are more focused on money and the power that money brings.

I feel as if the more generations go by, women take it upon them to play the man role as well as the woman role in their life.  With this happening, the balance between who does what is completely corrupted, corrupted in a sense that there are some negative effects of this happening, such as a lot of younger men lacking ambition, and the want for any responsibilities that come with growing up.  This is a “what came first” type of situation, the chicken or the egg simply in the sense that did the men start slacking due to women becoming stronger, more independent? Or did women become stronger and more independent due to the men slacking?  Whichever it may be, it happened.  It seems as if the drive in women to provide has increased so much over the years because if they do not do it, who will?  Yes, there are still men out there that believe in providing, but the ratio of those men compared to men that would rather have their woman provide for them is less, and as time goes by, it decreases more and more.  And the funny thing about this is a lot of women are starting to think it is fine, that it is normal to just allow a man into their life without contributing more than just good sex.
Being independent gives a woman a sense of security, but not the security that being with a man brings, and I am not saying not to need a man, but do not need a man who hasn’t become a man yet.  Responsibility and ambition separate the men from the boys, just because you work hard and CAN provide for the both of you and then some, does not mean you should be out doing all the work, paying all the bills, the gas, the car, etc… it should at least be half and half on both you and your partners side.  The independence and ambition of a woman in the year 2011 is as much of a weakness as it is a strength, because too much of a good thing can cause harm as well.

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