• http://twitter.com/RmRebecca Rebecca Richardson

    I am so into lipstick this season and adding to my collection is always a fun task. I am obsessed with the burgundy lip… just need to find an occasion to wear it to! What’s your favourite lip colour this season?

    • http://www.GirlsBestFriendandcoBlog.com/ GirlsBestFriendandCo

      You know i am crazy for pink an extension from the summer. The burgundy is nice but I am an old broad so been there done that. Not that I won’t rock it with some jewel tones. I think I have a MAC color called meridian that is a burgundy wine color of the season. I am also crazy for nudes. I can rock the heck out of a nude lip stick. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca.

  • http://www.beautyflawed.com/ Ashley

    Burgundy and Pink are my top choices. I love a nice blue based pink just so pretty!

    • Whitney

      I like the burgundy and pink too.

  • courtnee.davis

    It’s funny that you mentioned these colors because I keep each shade that you mentioned above in heavy rotation! My favorite red is ruby woo by MAC and my holy grail nude is Fresh brew by MAC. I also have a burgundy by Revlon called deep cherry, as well as Revlon’s orange Siren that I love LOVE LOVE!

    • http://www.GirlsBestFriendandcoBlog.com/ GirlsBestFriendandCo

      Oh I use to wear a red by Revlon that I loved can’t remember the name.Yes, of course I have Fresh Brew and I have an extra Ruby Woo I think I will do in a giveaway.

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